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Puneeth Raj Kumar’s funeral will start at 6 am tomorrow here’s more info

Oct 30, 2021

Puneet Rajkumar’s final showdown will begin tomorrow. As more and more fans coming are arriving in the Kantirava as a team. Puneeth Raj Kumar’s smiles were everywhere, with his smiles to be no more, fans are unable to grasp the fact that they are no more. His funeral was scheduled for early today (October 30). However, more and more fans are coming. Many fans are to come tomorrow to attend their funeral on Sunday (October 30).

Actor Puneet’s funeral will be held at 10.30 am tomorrow. It is learned that the tour will begin at Kantirava Stadium at 6 am. The funeral of Puneeth Raj Kumar will be held at the Kantirava Studio. Puneet will be in the soil next to Dad-Mom. Only family members and their close friends are allowed to move there. Fans will not have access to the Studio inside.

Vinay Raj Kumar, son of Puneet Raj Kumar’s brother Raghavendra Raj Kumar, will perform the final act. Raj Kumar’s family members have taken a decision and are all set. Puneet Raj Kumar has two daughters. According to Hinduism, females cannot perform the last rites. Thus, the last acts will be fulfilled by Vinay Raj Kumar.

The death of father Puneet Raj Kumar was shocking to Dhruti who was in America. She has come to Bangalore after hearing the news that her father has died. Traveling for more than 24 hours, She reached Bangalore. From the airport, they reached Kantirava Stadium. 

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