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Puneeth Raj Kumar last video goes viral, CCTV spots Puneeth boarding a car along with Ashwini and everyone is in a hurry!

Nov 2, 2021

Five days have passed since Puneeth Rajkumar (Puneeth Rajkumar) died. The last rites were held at his grave today (November 2). 

Despite losing them, the pain of the fans has not subsided. The dream they dreamed is in dirt with him. It has caused a lot of pain to his fans and family . 

Some say that Puneeth had went to gym in the morning before of his death. Some others are saying they he haven’t made it to the gym. This confusion is yet to be clarified. 

In the meantime, CCTV footage is now available before the family left for the hospital. (Puneet Rajkumar House CCTV Footage) In CCTV Scene. We can see that Puneeth Raj Kumar comes out of the house, Soon afterwards his wife leaves the house. They both board a car and leave the house. 

The security guard opens the gate of the house as the car leaves. So much has been seen in CCTV footage till now . It was obvious that everyone was apprehensive in these scenes.

Talking to TV9 Kannada recently, Puneet’s bodyguard Chalapathi recounted the same incident. “Akka (Puneeth’s wife Ashwini) and Puneeth are going out,” he said. I boarded the car and went into the hallway. The boss said, “Here you come. We will come.” So I stayed home. Then he would not come. ‘ The CCTV footage is also in line with that of the Chancellor.

Doctors had informed that Puneeth was still in the hospital. CCTV footage was found to be natural. But everyone was in a hurry. ‘Puneet completed his regular gym session and then boxing and steam session. After this he felt very tired. He may have died of severe cardiac arrest. The likelihood of an accidental death is greater during physical activity, playing games, or physically working. ‘ Raman Rao told everyone

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