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Puneeth Raj Kumar last film James movie reaction from Fans

Mar 17, 2022

Today, the last film of Appu Jamesʼ, starring Puneeth Rajkumar, has been released worldwide. It has the first show in many places in the middle of the night, and the fans got the picture right away. There have been many instances of tears of sorrow as they make an entry on the screen.

Emotionally embraced by fans without embracing ʼJamesʼ as a cinema. So a lot of fans have cried and watched cinema. In many theaters, there have been instances of watching the movie with huge respect and people breaking down. Many people were not just sitting on chairs reserved by fans, but they stood up for the entire movie.

In Hubli, the fans cut the cake just as Appu came on the screen and then watched the cinema. The fans then danced and rejoiced with happiness yet the same time they cried a lot as they missed him.

Almost all cinemas have flowed in the ocean. Fans have performed ‘milk Abhishek’, ‘Bahrut flower wreath’ and ‘Sweet Shakti Jamsam’. The show was arranged in Bangalore from midnight. Celebrities have also seen cinema on the same occasion.

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