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Puneeth Raj Kumar funeral is over! Shivraj Kumar, and other elites couldn’t control their tears!

Oct 31, 2021

Actor Shivraj Kumar was very fond of his brother Puneet Raj Kumar. He was talking about Puneeth on all platforms. But after losing such a wonderful Brother , Shivanna fell head over heels. In the brother’s funeral, it was unimaginable to watch him..

Watching Shivraj Kumar in that situation fans’ were also weeping their tears. But fate has no mercy. God has carried the beloved actor of all.

The funeral of Puneet Raj Kumar is done at a distance of 125 feet from the tomb of Raj Kumar and 45 feet from the tomb of Parvathamma Raj Kumar. 

At this time, the family’s confrontation was over. The scene of Puneeth’s wife Ashwini, children Dhruti and Vandita are in tears, was disturbing. Many elites of film and politics were involved. Only the family and the dignitaries were allowed inside the Kanthirawa Studio premises.

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