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“Puneeth Raj Kumar didn’t go for gym yesterday” here’s what his Bodyguard Chalapathi said!! About Puneeth Raj Kumar’s death

Oct 30, 2021

The issue of the death of Puneet Raj Kumar cannot be taken up by anyone. He had millions of fans. Now people are gathered at Kanthirawa Stadium in Bangalore to get the final walkthrough of Puneet. His funeral will be held in the studio premises this evening (October 30). At the final appearance, bodyguard Chalapathi spoke to TV9 Kannada.

It is reported everywhere that Puneet Raj Kumar has gone to the gym. It was said that he did a two-hour gym before he had a heart attack. 

Chalapathi, however, said Puneet had never went to the gym. ‘He didn’t go for workout yesterday” . Akka (Puneet’s wife Ashwini) and Puneeth were leaving somewhere . I boarded the car to go with them. But them the boss said, “You stay here. We will come. Bck in sometime ” So I stayed at home. But Then he did not come. ‘

Vikram was called to the hospital. I thought someone in the Puneet family was in trouble. But then we realized that our boss is in trouble. 

If I was told earlier that Appu was tired, I would go with them. They did the ECG. It had fallen off. He said he was going to come back in ten but he never came. Puneeth Raj Kumar bodyguard Chalapathi said to media

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