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PUC half yearly exams to be postponed in Karnataka, Board Announces new dates

Nov 18, 2021

The PU Board has postponed the examination in the wake of the objections of students and teachers. The evaluation of the answer papers will also be done at the college level.

BANGALORE: The PU Examination Board has decided to postpone the secondary PUC semi-annual examinations. The PUC half-yearly testing schedule has been changed. Tests will not run from from Nov19 Nov 29 as previously scheduled. Instead, tests will take place from December 9 to 23. 

But in the backdrop of the objections of students and teachers, the PU board has postponed the examination. The evaluation of the answer papers will also be done at the college level.

On November 16, representatives of PU College Teachers’ Organizations met with PU Board of Directors. On November 17, students staged a protest at Mysore Bank Circle in Bangalore, demanding that the board withdraw its decision.

The PU board of directors said in a circular on November 12 that the board would conduct a half-year test. The board said the questionnaires would be prepared and the exams would be conducted in the district. This was opposed by students and teachers.

Previously, half-yearly tests were conducted at the college level. Questionnaires were prepared with reference to the syllabus at the colleges. This time, however, the board suggested a new test, which would be based on half the curriculum of the curriculum. But it was the objection of students and teachers that there was no such lesson in colleges.

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