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Pradeep Mehra reacts after going viral “Says World Bow Downs to Hardwork”!

Mar 21, 2022

Social media has taken to trend #PradeepMehra since last night, due to a 19-year-old McDonald employee Pradeep Mehra, running on roads of Noida during the midnight hours.

However, the reason behind his run is much more than mere exercise, it happens to be a part of his preparation towards the aim of joining the Indian armed forces.

Pradeep, who was amidst his 10km run way back home, came to the eye of filmmaker Vinod Kapri. The youth expressed the run to be a part of his preparation to join the Indian Army.

On a day followed by Pradeep’s viral moment, he was caught in a conversation with the filmmaker again. He is heard saying in the video in Hindi, “If I’m viral now, there’s isn’t anything I’m doing wrong. World bows down to hardwork…” Later, during the dialogue with Viond Kapri, he accepted to take lift via the filmamker’s car. On having asked on why he had denied the offer earlier but agreed over it today, Mehra said, “If I stopped midway during the sprint, it would affect my practice as well as cause pain to the legs for sudden pause, however, today being that the help is offered before I have alighted my run, it is okay.”

the video, right here:

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