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No permission for Rallies, Helicopter won’t be able to shower flowers on Puneeth Raj Kumar last Movie James, as planned by Fans in Bangalore

Mar 16, 2022

Puneet Rajkumar fans who were ready to celebrate the birthday of Puneet Raj Kumar from the early hours of Thursday morning (March 17) have been let down. The police department has set certain conditions, saying that fans will have to follow the rules & can’t go outside.

Fans are preparing to march from the Chamarajpet in Bangalore tomorrow to Viresh Cinema through the streets of Bangalore. Star marches were also to be held, including a bike rally. Throughout the procession, dance and other performances were conducted using songs by Puneet Raj Kumar. Now everything is on break.

Fans had written a letter to the Chamarajapet police station seeking permission to march. Now the Chamarajapete police have refused to grant permission. Police have refused permission after the High Court had ordered them that there should be no march and strike in the city center. So there is no way to march tomorrow.

On the other hand, fans were also prepared to pour flowers on the Veerabhadreshwara Theater, Prasanna and Veeresh Cinemas after showering flowers on Puneeth Raj Kumar burial place. And now the break has fallen. From the security point of view, the helicopter has been denied permission to float.

Large crowds flock to see the helicopter. As there is Puneeth’s birthday and cinema release tomorrow will be crowded, of course. This makes it more difficult to provide security. More crowds can also cause footballers. It is difficult to secure a helicopter. If the helicopter jumps and drops, the tower and the buildings are disrupted. The police department has refused permission to do so.

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