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No beds for Aam Admi but 5 star hotel for Judges, Ashoka hotel

Apr 27, 2021

Delhi; As people of Delhi are struggling for beds in hospital. And people are peddling here and there for beds in Delhi. When Arvind kejriwal has money to advertise on television and radios. He has money shortage for vaccines and hospital. Even after the help from Central government and many States. Delhi is still suffering from oxygen crisis.

After an Public Interest Ligation was filled to provide separate COVID-19 hospital facility for Justices. The Delhi government decided to convert . 100 rooms of Ashoka hotel into COVID-19 care centre. Ashoka hotel , a five star hotels 100 rooms. Will be converted into covid care centre. Where Justices and other judicial staffs of the court will be treated.

After the order was passed by the Delhi government. It was informed that the Ashoka hotel will be managed by Primus Hospital. Primus Hospital will look after the patients in the Ashoka hotel. A detailed information was released by the sub divisional magistrate of Chanakyapuri , Geeta Grover.

Image of Ashoka hotel

The major points from the notifications are here ;

  1. Primus Hospital will run the covid care centre in the Ashoka hotel. With 100 beds and other facility
  2. All the adequate equipment and guidelines will be provided to the hospital staff. And given basic training to handle patients
  3. Ambulance required for the transfer facility will be provided by the Primus Hospital.
  4. In case of the shortage of the hotel staff. The same will he provided by the hotel management
  5. All the facility of room service, disinfection , foods for the patients will be provided by the staff of hotel.
  6. The Primus Hospital shall collect the money from the patient and then provide it to the Ashoka hotel.

PIL to consider Judges as Front line workers.

A PIL was filled earlier in the court. To consider all the judicial staffs and Justice’s as front line workers. It must have been filled earlier but they did it now. It’s best to have a COVID-19 care facility for Judges and Justices of the court. As the justices and judicial staff are exposed to danger. It was much needed. But the question is Why no Beds for Aam Admi ( common people ) ?

The Aam Admi party have decided to provide. A fiev star hotels 100 beds for the Covid Care Centre. But Why isn’t Government providing same for the people?

A five star hotel for Judges and Justices but no beds for common people. Any organization can file a PIL and request the government to provide centre for them. But the question arises is No Beds For Aam Admi?

Delhi government requested to improve health infrastructure

Amid the corona cases are raising in India. Delhi yesterday marked 22 thousands and puls number of positive cases. With 350 deaths in a single day. The sources are saying that Delhi government have lessened the Covid tests. The testing centres are been reduced and so is the test. And hence a small drop in cases.

The government has been requested to raise the tests. With establishing more and more test centres through out the national capital. As the people are panicking with no beds in Delhi. The government should build more and more beds for the Covid treatment.

We the team therightmag request our readers to wear mask. Sanitize yout hands. And stay safe.

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