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Netizens trend #FreeTemples on Twitter, hundreds join hands, read more…

Sep 26, 2021

The trend was a right one cause even we support that our Temples should be free #FreeTemples . Why should a religious structure meant for its people be controlled by some entity. The Temples are a place where people get positive energies cause all the temples are built according to a particular architecture. Where the maximum flow of Positive energies occur. That’s the reason why people built temples from centuries but after the arrival of Mughals in India the temples were taxed and which is still continuing.

Netizens on Sunday had started a trend on Twitter which seeked to free temples from government control (#FreeTemples ). The trend was a well planned one by Netizens when earlier they had did the same in lockdown. But this time it was lil different one. Many people had came in support of the trend.

People on Twitter were questioning the government Why are other religious structures are free from taxes while Temple’s have to pay tax. A famous YouTuber named Elvish Yadav had also joined his hands where they demanded that the Temples must be free from taxes..

People also said that India is independent from past 75 years but yet our temples are under government control. People also demanded that the When Masjid, Church and other religious structures are not under government control Why are Hindu temples??

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev had also lead a campaign from Isha Yoga during the Mahashivratri mahotsav held in foothills of Vellangiri mountain in Coimbatore. Lots of Isha Volunteers and Netizens had taken it to national concern were the only goal was to free temples. Nearly more than 1500 temples in alone Tamilnadu has been destroyed by negligence of government.

Sadguru had requested the ruling government in Tamil Nadu and even central government to hand over the temples to their devotee. And today even till now only little action have been taken.

People on Twitter also said that the Britishers law on temples must be taken back as they were the one who used to tax the temples.

Are the governments from past 70 years playing with Hindu beliefs? Are the governments interested in one sided secularism?? Are Hindus being fooled in the name of Secularism.

Let’s give some more power to the trend #FreeTemples

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