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Nearly after 500 years Prabhu “Ram” Will play Holi in Ayodhya

Mar 25, 2021
Representation of Prabhu Ram’s Temple
Image source jaggran.com

Ayodhya; This year’s Holi celebration in Ayodhya will be on next level. After nearly 500 years Lord Ram will play Holi this year. Every year Prabhu Ram used to play Holi in tent but this year he will play Holi in his abode Ram Mandir . Every year Mahanth of Prabhu Ram would apply tilak and sprinkle Holi on Prabhu Ram and the Holi celebrations were carried out between the common people. But the celebration always seemed to be incomplete without Prabhu Ram’s involvement.

After the attack on Lord Ram’s temple in 1528 by Mughal invader Babar. It’s been 492 years but till now our Lord Ram was staying in temple. After the order of Supreme Court of India this will be the first Holi with Prabhu Ram and his devotees.

All the pre celebration events are on the go. And this Holi people are excited in “Avadh” (The old Ayodhya) . Every year people celebrated Holi but without Prabhu Ram this year it will be the devotees and the Lord.

Hindus didn’t celebrate the the great Jurdisction but the santh from the temple told that people are happy and all the events are on the go. They will celebrate Holi and the Jurdisction together this time. The celebration will be with the natural colours and flowers. The Temple trust has under taken all the COVID-19 guidelines and said it will be a safe and happy Holi this year.

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