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Naga Panchami 2022: Sadhguru explains the significance of Snake in Spirituality

Aug 1, 2022
naga panchami

The Significance of Snake in Spirituality 

There is intellect and then there is perception. If you empower the intellect, you will be very smart, but you need fools around you; otherwise, how will you be smart? In my understanding of life, accumulating a billion dollars is the dumbest thing you can do, because I know there is no banking services elsewhere other than this planet and I know my time is limited here. Why would I acquire billions of dollars? For what? But people think that is smart, so I said, “To feel smart, you need fools around you.” But if you allow life to happen to you in its full glory, maybe you will not be considered smart in the society. If you close your eyes and sit here, you are neither smart nor stupid, you are just life and that is all that matters. How vibrant, exuberant, joyful, and wonderful a life you are is all that matters. In this pursuit, naga is very important.

Naga became prominent wherever people spent more time with eyes closed, and perceived something beyond five senses.

The significance of the snake can be seen in this way. When you are logical, you are trying to grasp life. When you become very intuitive and perceptive, you are willing to allow life to grasp you because you have seen the limitations of who you are. Even now, do not think you are doing life; life is happening to you. The greatest thing that is happening here right now is life, there is no question about it. When it is happening free, all you have to do is find something and put it in your stomach to keep the body going. For that, how much fuss! 

This has happened because we have given up the way of the serpent, we are not allowing life to coil around us. We are trying to “get it.” If you relax it a little bit, life is always wrapped around you.

The Right Mag thanks Isha for blessing our readers with such great article by Sadhguru

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