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“My son didn’t commit any mistake ” Mother of Sonu Chikna Who fired gun shots on Hanuman Janmotsav rally in Jahangirpuri

Apr 18, 2022

The Mother of Sonu Chikna and Salim Chikna has admitted her son had fired gunshots during the Jahangirpuri violence. In a report by Aaj Tak, the mother of the firing accused Salim Chikna said her son was arrested for no reason, and he picked up the gun to ‘support his community’ during the violence.

She said, “He was arrested for no reason. Everyone will tell you he was arrested without committing any mistake.” The reporter then took the photograph of the accused and asked her if she could identify him. She admitted that it was her son Sonu.

When asked where her family came to Delhi, she said that they have come from West Bengal. She alleged Police was not telling his family why her son was arrested. The reporter then questioned what his son was doing among the rioters.

She said, “My son has a chicken shop. He was about to open Roza when tension between Hindus and Muslims erupted, and he went out. He does not own a gun. He snatched the gun from someone and fired shots as he was angry. No one was injured. They were threatening us. My son just wanted to scare them off. Someone with a personal grudge shot the video and made it viral.”

Sonu’s brother Salim has already been arrested by the Police. Her mother further claimed his son was not involved in the riots. He picked up the gun to support his community. Sonu’s mother was also approached by ABP News. As per its report, she said, “He came back after the violence. He was scared and ran off. He does not have any case registered against him. He is a five-time Namazi. He never fights with anyone.”

Video of Sonu Chikna firing shots surfaced

On April 17, it was reported that videos of Sonu Chikna surfaced on social media platforms where he could see firing shots during Jahangirpuri Riots in Delhi. Several other people, along with small kids, can be seen pelting stones in the video. The violence happened in the Jahahgirpuri locality during a Hanuman Jayanti Shobha Yatra, which was attacked as it passed a Masjid in the region’s C Block. Gunshots were also fired in the incident, injuring a Delhi Police Sub Inspector, Medha Lal Meena.

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