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Most Expensive Lambo ever sold in India! Beast’s pictures are here “LAMBORGHINI HURACAN STO’

Aug 18, 2021

The Lamborghini Huracan STO is unlike any other Lamborghini that’s ever been on Indian roads. In fact, as a road legal version of a bonafide race car, the STO is unlike most other Lamborghinis ever made.

It’s wider, lower, scooped-up for maximum airflow and has a rear wing that’s wider than any seen on a Huracan. As the homologated version of the Super Trofeo Evo, this is as close to owning a race car as one can get. That is, if you have Rs 4.99 crore lying around.

So how does it differ from a Huracan Performanté?

It’s got the same 5.2-litre, naturally aspirated V10 engine and makes a not too ludicrous 565 Nm of torque (which is, in fact, lower than the torque figure on the Performante). 

It’s also RWD, as all legitimate race cars should be, but is equipped with Lambo’s patented LDVI system which helps monitor traction, among other things, including the rear-wheel steering system on the STO.

Seventy five per cent of its body parts are made of carbon fibre, and as a result the STO (short for Super Trofeo Omologato) has a dry weight of 1399kg only. There’s a single-piece bonnet that has all kinds of scoops and louvres in it. .

Apart from massive levels of downforce that this car generates, it’s also got a bevy of electronic features that make it the ideal car to throw around a race track with acute cornering.

There are three driving modes – STO, Trofeo and Pioggia calibrated for street driving, track racing and wet weather track driving, respectively. To make the car more street-friendly, Lambo has thrown-in adaptive dampers and a hydraulic nose-lift system (an optional extra) but that’s pretty much it in terms of creature comforts.

Yes, there’s air-conditioning and a touchscreen infotainment system, but in other respects the STO is as shredded and hardcore as a modern-day road legal race car can be. In fact, Lambo gives you the option of having other bits replaced by carbon-fibre, further reducing its weight.

Apart from the multitude of cuts and louvres found on this beast, there’s also a prominent dorsal fin running right above the engine bay, and has been designed to further improve air-flow, particularly around corners.

Decimating the remnants of wind resistance is that ultra-wide rear wing, which helps the car achieve up to 420kg of downforce. It may not be ideally suited to real world driving conditions, but it’s the ideal track weapon you can buy in the country.

With inputs from Moneycontrol…. Special guest Parth Saran

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