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MBA exams of VV university will be held tomorrow -VC of the university, while Nrupatunga university has postponed exams

Oct 29, 2021

BANGALORE: The Bangalore University exams are scheduled as scheduled. “The last exam will be held on Saturday as scheduled for the 4th semester students of the degree,” Devaraj, the university’s Vice Chancellor, said in a press release. There are not a large number of repeat students. He said all the colleges in Bangalore VV range will be open tomorrow.

University tests Nrupatunga Postponing the
Power Star Puneet Rajkumar, died in the wake of the Bangalore University exams postponed Nrupatunga. “We have postponed the trial on 30th and the schedule of exams will be published soon,” VV Evaluation Commissioner Ramakrishna Reddy said.

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