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Life lessons to learn from Prahlad- On this Narsimha Jayanti

May 25, 2021

“Life is tough”

so in these hard times we need to learn from our roots.

A thought from the writer

When the world needed to destroy the evil Prabhu took Avtars to protect their devotee. Today in this tough times we need to remember that Lord has provided us mask and vaccines as our weapons to protect ourselves against this virus.

On this Narasimha Jayanti we brought you some life lessons to learn from Prahlad’s life. Every year Narsimha Jayanti is celebrated on the fourteenth day in the Hindu month of Vaishakha, Shukla Paksha. And in 2021, the date is on May 25. This special day is dedicated to Lord Narsimha, a half-man-half-lion avatar of Lord Vishnu which killed the demon called Hiranyakashipu. On this day, devotees worship Lord Vishnu and his fierce form by offering prayers and exchanging wishes.

We should remember that Prahlad was devotee of Lord Vishnu, even when his father considered Lord Vishnu as his greatest enemy. Prahlad at the age of 5 was devotee of Lord Vishnu. Even after many difficulties he didn’t leave his devotion.

  • Without difficulties in life you can’t expect to grow
  • These tough times will teach lessons to remember.
  • Never leave the path of devotion ( work is our devotion) whether you face difficulties that will force you to quit.

When Hiranyakashyap told his sister Holika to brun his son Prahlad alive. Holika said that she would burn Prahlad alive, when she would carry Prahlad in her arms and sit in fire. When she sat in flames instead of burning down Prahlad she burned down to ash.

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  • Prahlad had the courage to face the truth without hesitation
  • Prahlad had immense devotion that Lord Vishnu will rescue him from all the difficulties

Narsimha ; the incarnation of Lord Vishnu which even Devtas feared

When everyone had left hope that Lord Vishnu will rescue them from the demon Hiranyakashyap. Their took birth a child Prahlad who became the biggest devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad took birth as Hiranyakashyap’s second child, while their first child was adopted by Hiranyakashyap sister. Prahlad was educated by Mahamuni Narad and hence he grew immense devotion towards Lord Vishnu.

When Hiranyakashyap knew thar his son was devotee of Lord Vishnu he tried many attempts to kill his son. But it all failed cause the protector of protectors, devotion of devotees Lord Vishnu protected him. So will Prabhu protect us in these harsh times. Some times they take incarnation in the form which we had never seen.

Hiranyakashyap was killed by Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Lod Narsimha. Hiranyakashyap was blessed with a boom that he wouldn’t be killed by Human, Animal nor God’s. Nor would he be killed in day or night or in house or outside. And nor in water nor on land or sky and no weapon would harm him. So Lord Narasimha came as an half human and half lion. Lord Narasimha killed Hiranyakashyap with his nails on his lamps.

So never leave hope in one way or other Prabhu will protect us all. Image credits Jagran English

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