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KGF 2 : Rocky Bhai & Sanjay Dutt steals the show, here’s KGF 2 review

Apr 14, 2022

After Allu Arjun’s Pushpa and SS Rajamouli’s RRR, it’s now time for Yash’s KGF: Chapter 2 to set your screens on fire. Quite literally.

The first part, KGF: Chapter 1, ended on a high note and managed to keep curiosity alive for over 3.5 years. With KGF: Chapter 2’s release today (April 14), Yash and director Prashanth Neel have hit it out of the park once again.

Raja Krishnappa Bairya AKA Rocky Bhai (Yash) is now the ruler of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) after killing Garuda. In Prakash Raj’s words, Rocky has built an indestructible empire in KGF with his clever thinking and quick wit. As he plans to extend his empire, his enemies take the help of the mighty Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) to finish him. From here, it becomes a battle of machismo. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon) fears the meteoric rise of Rocky Bhai. How do they tackle Rocky forms the story.

Like Baahubali, Prashanth Neel did a clever job of establishing the characters and plot in the first part. The second part, KGF: Chapter 2, shows the enemies unable to handle Rocky’s rise as the messiah of the masses. The sequel has enough meat in terms of story, which comes as a huge advantage. Rocky has only one dream to fulfil and he fears no one and nothing.

Prashanth Neel’s KGF: Chapter 2 is replete with ‘mass’ moments not just for Yash but also for Sanjay Dutt. These scenes are aplenty and come at frequent intervals only to get us hyped up for what’s about to come. With Sanjay Dutt, Prashanth found a menacing villain, who has an equal weightage as the hero.

Be it Rocky’s introduction sequence or the climax fight between Yash and Sanjay Dutt, every scene is stylishly shot and grasps us into the world of KGF. However, the downfall of the film is its uneven pacing. Certain sequences featuring Srinidhi Shetty and Yash’s flashback sequences bog down the momentum. Hence, the overall pacing gets affected.

Yash is flamboyant as Rocky Bhai. It is safe to say that he has breathed life into the role and looks at ease when he mouths the tacky dialogues. He owns them and it totally works. Similarly, Sanjay Dutt’s Adheera, who is inspired by the Vikings, strikes fear with his violent activities. Sanjay’s performance, even though with less screentime, is effective. Raveena Tandon as the PM of India delivers an earnest performance.

Here’s the trailer of KGF: Chapter 2:

Srinidhi Shetty’s role is quite disappointing and problematic. Rocky brings her home as he considers her ‘entertainment.’ However, he doesn’t touch her, because he believes that women and children cannot be touched without consent. Isn’t it quite contradicting? Such conflicting ideas makes you question the intention of the character.

KGF: Chapter 2’s stunt sequences deserve a special mention. They are grand, inventive and do not defy logic in most places. Though Yash and Sanjay Dutt are shown as two invincible men, they do get shot and hurt while pitted against each other.

Editor Ujwal Kulkarni’s work is sleek in most places. However, the black-out pattern in editing spoils the overall effect in some places. Cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda and Ravi Basrur’s music have elevated KGF: Chapter 2 to a different level.

KGF: Chapter 2 is an immersive sequel, which has several clap-worthy moments for the audience. The climax is cathartic and brilliantly shot. Watch out for the sequence!

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