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Kejriwal didn’t set up 8 oxygen plant from the funds provided by Centre. 25 dies due to shortage of Oxygen

Apr 24, 2021
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Delhi ; 25 people have reported to be dead due to shortage of Oxygen in Delhi’s Jaipur Golden Hospital. Hundreds of other hospital are suffering from the shortage of Oxygen Kejriwal fails once again.

The news erupted in the late night when 20 patients died due to the shortage of oxygen. The hospital reported that there are 200 plus patients in our hospital. More than 200 people’s live is at stake in Delhi’s Jaipur Golden hospital. Till now 25 have lost their lives.

“We have lost 20 lives due to the shortage of oxygen last night” – Dr. Baluja Jaipur Golden hospital reported in the night. By the morning the number reached to 25 patients till now. Jaipur Golden hospital said in High Court that “There is big human tragedy coming in next few minutes in our hospital. We have already lost 25 lives. We are grasping for oxygen everywhere. Our doctors are before you. Please save life’s. Please- Jaipur Golden hospital in Delhi High Court.

View from the Jaipur Golden hospital. Image hosted by Ani Twitter

Only 30 minutes of oxygen is left in Jaipur Golden hospital. There are 200 patients in the hospital. 80 patients are on oxygen support. 35 are in ICU – Medical director Jaipur Golden hospital in Delhi. The Medical director of Jaipur Golden hospital has raised alarm, says waiting for oxygen. 215 covid patients are there in Jaipur Golden hospital dependent on it.

Others hospital in Delhi too experience shortage of oxygen while Kejriwal keeps on playing dirty politics

Not only in Jaipur Golden hospital but every hospital in Dlehi is experiencing the shortage of Oxygen. Delhi High Court Division Bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli begings the hearing on a plea by Maharaja Agarsen Hospital. The hearing is about the plea on shortage of Oxygen in the hospital. Senior Advocate Rahul Mani informed high Court yesterday we got only around 296 MT of oxygen supply. Despite our quota being 480 MT we received 296 MT. He also says if we are not getting 480 MT of allocated oxygen entire functioning will collapse in 24 hours. If we don’t put our oxygen supply in order. Delhi asks centre when is the allocated 480 MT of oxygen comes to Delhi. Court also said that smooth and full allocated supply of Oxygen to Delhi can resolve the problems.

Kejriwal once again exposed!

In the previous year 2020 the central government had provided funds from the PM Cares fund to set up 8 oxygen plants in Delhi. But Kejriwal didn’t do so. He set up only 1 oxygen plant till now. But the allocated fund is used . But the other 7 plants are missing. Arvind Kejriwal had wasted thousands of crore on advertising and on banners but he never built an hospital nor he set up an oxygen plant in Delhi. To save the people of Delhi. All his promises has been only limited to his advertising films. But they never happened. He has been reported to use 3 thousand crores of Rupees only on advertising in past few months. While he is still blaming the center and playing bad politics. He has been exposed in these hard times.

CM Arvind Kejriwal had promised the people to supply the oxygen to their homes. But he didn’t even set up more than one oxygen plant. While every one knew that second wave of Corona will hit us. The center had provided funds to set up 8 plants but he didn’t do. He set up only one and the plants are missing till now. He keeps to play such dirty politics bit the people always forgave him. So now he is playing with the life’s of people.

Team Therightmag request you to wear mask and save lives.

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