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Is Waxing Dangerous? 15 Year old girl suffers severe burns after beautician spills boiling hot wax on her legs!

Nov 18, 2021

In a shocking incident, a woman suffered severe burns after beautician spilled boiling wax on her during waxing session. The victim identified as 15-year-old Badesim Kubak, planned to wax her legs as she wanted to go for a concert.

But what could have been a normal routine treatment, turned out a nightmare for Kubak as she had to take three weeks of medical treatments for the burns left by the wax.

Kubak took to TikTok and shared her experience,”Starting with waxing my legs, it’s painful but I can take it. While the lady is applying the wax to my inner thighs, the lid of the applicator comes off and boiling wax spills all over between my legs.”

She also wrote that the wax spilled just few inches from her vagina, after which yelled and cried from the excruciating pain.

The beautician didn’t stop the treatment to check if Kubak was ok. Kubak claimed that the beautician told her she was “making a big deal out of it”, and told her everything was ok.

“She rips the wax off me to stop it from burning my skin, while telling me it is seriously nothing,” Kubak continued. The beautician gave her mositurizer and paper towels for her burns.

After all this Kubak paid full money for her botched wax and went back to school, where a nurse tried to help as best they could.

“Next morning I wake up with insane pain, my leg is still wrapped up,” she continued. “My parents take me to my uncle who is a plastic surgeon to check it out.”
“Once the bandages came off the full extent of the injury became clear.”

She also shared the picture of injuries she received. The video has garnered more than 2.1 million views. She also made another video where she spoke that after the incident she went two-three weeks to her uncle’s clinic for treatment.

She did not sue the beautician – but also said she regrets not taking action at the time. Later she also found out that the salon she went closed only two months after her incident

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