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How to write Save Soil letter to Prime Minister Modi , here are some letters and ideas to make it creative

May 27, 2022

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Date: _ _ April/ May , 2022


The Prime Minister,

Government of India

Prime minister’s office,

S. Kalyan Marg,

New Delhi- 425401

Subject – To give Topmost priority to Soil conservation

Respected Sir,

I am so glad that today I got the opportunity to write a letter to you. I want to convey my message to you that we are facing many challenges regarding our soil and environment because of soil erosion, deforestation, an increase in pollution, etc.

These challenges cause many problems like desertification, loss of infertility of soil, land sliding, loss in the water holding capacity of the soil, less production of crops, vegetables and fruits and also people become homeless, etc.

It is our responsibility to stop all these activities regarding our soil. As you are head of the country and your party has the majority in parliament, so you can make act against it. And ask people to follow that act and get a good result. Also, you have many followers so you can challenge people and aware them of the same.

I humbly request you to Do something to protect the mother of all mothers “the Soil”. If the soil is healthy we will be healthy too.

Hope you look into the matter and try to keep our environment in a good state. I am waiting for your support.

Yours sincerely

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Meanwhile in the letter we can add some pictures, art, drawing on the theme of Soil…. Some sample are here….

Image by Sadhguru App

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