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Happy Tamil New Year Puthandu 2022 Best Rangoli Designs & Muggulu

Apr 13, 2022

The first month of the Tamil solar calendar, Chithirai starts with the Puthandu celebrations. The occasion is celebrated by the Tamil community as the first day of their New Year. The celebrations for the day start by making kolam and muggulu designs with coloured rice flour at the entrance of the house.

As per Mythogies, Lord Brahma created the Universe on the day of Puthandu which traditionally marks the first day of the Tamil Hindu Calendar. The holy occasion is also commonly known as Varsha Pirappu which is majorly celebrated by the Tamil community. Puthandu 2022 will be observed on Thursday, 14th of April. From decorating homes with lovely Kolam patterns to making Pongal and other authentic cuisines, families celebrate the new year with their loved ones with great pomp. The Tamil New Year follows the spring equinox and is a public holiday in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu

People visit their relatives and friends dressed in new traditional attire, seeking the blessings of elders and exchanging greetings and good wishes for new beginnings. Moreover, one of the most crucial and long-established customs is to adore the house with colourful rangoli art by using different powder colours, or flowers. Puthandi Kolama and Muggulu drawings are artfully and enthusiastically created in Tamil households. Each house has a Tamil Muggulu charm to paint its lives. So we have curated very easy and creative Tamil style rangolis, and distinct kolam ideas to usher in the Tamil New Year 2022

Tamil Puthandu Kolam Tutorial Video

Puthandu 2022 Muggulu Art For Beginners 

Tamil New Year 2022 Rangoli Ideas 

Kolam And Muggulu Patterns For Puthandu Festival 

People mostly draw the Kolam designs with coloured rice flour at the entrance of the house early in the morning. In the Hindu religion, rangoli attracts positivity and good vibes and calls the special deity at a particular festival. Here’s wishing you a very Happy and blissful Puthandu!

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