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Happy Sawan Last Somwar 2022: Best Mahadeva captions for Instagram with HD images

Aug 7, 2022
depth of field photo of diety god statuette

Shiva Captions for Instagram – Lord Shiva is known to protect his devotees from all evil and wrongdoing. His devotees offer him milk and flowers every Monday and love to share his wisdom. Sawan is the month dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees pray to him during this month to seek his blessings. Find below some beautiful and interesting Shiva captions for your social media posts!

Shiva Captions for Instagram

  • Shiva is everything and nothing! Namah Shivaya! 
  • Uska na aadi hai, na ant hai, vo Shiva hai! 
  • Shiva protects his children from all the negativity in this world!
  • Lord Shiva always blesses his devotees and keep them safe!
  • May Lord Shiva always bless us! Om Namah Shivaya!
  • Shiva is the whole universe! 
  • He is the master of all masters, yet he is called Bholenath! 
  • Har Har Mahadev! May he take away all your worries!
  • May your life be filled with Shiva’s grace! Namah Shivaya!
  • Whenever you feel stressed, just chant Om Namah Shivaya and all your worries will vanish!
  • He is the embodiment of 5 tatvas: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky!
  • He is the Supreme and no one can stand against him.
  • If you call Shiva with pure devotion, he will surely come to you.
  • Have faith in Lord Shiva and you will never be alone!
  • You are his child and he will always protect you.

Sawan Captions for Instagram

  • Har Har Mahadeva! May Lord Shiva bless everyone this Sawan!
  • Happy Sawan to everyone! Om Namah Shivaya!
  • May this Sawan bring prosperity and abundance to all!
  • Jai Bholnath ki! Sawan ke maas ki hardik shubh kamnayein!
  • May Lord Shiva bless us on every day of Sawan!
  • Hope you have a blissful Sawan!
  • Wishing you a divine and beautiful Sawan!
  • Chant Om Namah Shivaya and forget all your worries!

Mahadeva Captions for Instagram

  • Mahadeva is devon ke dev! Om Namah Shivaya!
  • Agar Mahadeva tumhare sath hain, to tum kabhi haar nahi sakte!
  • Mahadeva is your Guru and father! He will never let go of you!
  • Just leave everything to Mahadeva and he will take care of everything!
  • Mahadeva virajte Kailash mein hain, par vaas unka tumhare dilon mein hai!
  • Mahadeva hain to kya darr hai!
  • May Mahadeva always guide you to the right path! Har Har Mahadeva!
  • Har Har Mahadeva bolte jao, apne dukhon ko chhodte jao!
  • Bharosa rakhna apne Mahadeva pe, kyunki unhe tum par pura bharosa hai!
  • Mujhe kya karna hai is sansar ka, mere paas to Mahadeva ka Khazana hai!
  • Mahadeva is the beginning and end of this universe!
  • Surrender yourself in the feet of Mahadeva and see how your life changes!
  • Jab tum Har Har Mahadeva bolte ho, tab Mahadeva tumhare sare dukh Har lete hain!
  • Let the light of Mahadeva guide you, let the love of Mahadeva strengthen you!
  • You are the blessed child of Mahadeva!
  • Have faith on Mahadeva and let him worry about you!

Mahakal Captions for Instagram

  • Mahakal ke hote hue kabhi akaal nahi aa sakta! Jai Mahakal!
  • He will never let you alone if you just surrender yourself to him!
  • Unse kya chhupega, vo to trikal darshi hain! Is kalyug mei tumhe bacha sakti, sirf Mahakal ki bhakti hai!
  • Whenever you feel scared, just call Mahakal and all your fears will vanish! Jai Mahakal!
  • Mahakal ke bhakta, rehte hain hamesha mast!
  • Kaal se unhe darr nahi lagta, jo lete har waqt naam hain Mahakal ka!

Devon Ke Dev Mahadeva Captions for Instagram

  • Dev Dev Mahadeva Shiva! Har Har Shambho!
  • Vo koi sadharan devta nahin, vo to devon ke dev Mahadeva hain! 
  • Devon ke Dev Mahadeva is the starting and the end of this universe! Na unka aadi hai or na hi unka koi ant hai, vo Mahadeva hain!
  • Mahadeva ki rah par kabhi andhera nahi hoga! Just believe in him and you will always be fine! Jai Shambho!
  • There is one and only, Mahadeva and he is the supreme power in this universe!
  • Mahadeva apne bhakton par kabhi koi sankat nahi aane dete! Vo hamesha unki Raksha karte hain!
  • You are the child of Mahadeva or Mahadeva apne bacchon se bahut pyaar karte hain.
  • Mahadeva ki mahima kisi ne nahin jani, vo hi hain is jagat k sabse bade gyaani! Har Har Mahadeva!

Bholenath Captions for Instagram

  • Jo jata hai Bholenath ke darbar mein, use sukh mil jate hain sare sansar ke!
  • Bhoelnath may be simple but he loves you eternally! Jai Bhole!
  • Just close your eyes and visualize Bholenath and he will come to you! Namah Shivaya! 
  • Bholenath to ek bel patra se bhi aa jate hain, tabhi to vo itne bhole hain!
  • Bholenath to apne bhakton ke pyar mei dube rehte, unhe bulane ke lie to ek pukaar hi kaafi hai!
  • Whenever in doubt, call Bholenath!
  • Bholenath hi hain is sanasar k palanhar, wahi chalate aye hain yugon se ye sansar! Jai Bholenath!
  • Bholenath ki mahima jisne na jaani, adhuri rhe gayi is sansaar mei uski kahaani!
  • If you trust Bholenath, then never fear anything or anyone!
  • No matter what, Bholenath will always protect and love you!

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