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Happy Puthandu ,Tamil New Year 2022 WhatsApp wishes, quotes, messages, images

Apr 13, 2022

HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR 2022: PUTHANDU WISHES QUOTES, STATUS, MESSAGES, PHOTOS: Puthandu or Puthuvarudam is celebrated as New Year by members of the Tamil community in India and elsewhere in the world. The festival is celebrated by Tamil Hindus in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and is also celebrated in Sri Lanka with great joy and fervour. Every year, Puthandu is celebrated on April 14, which makes it the first day of the month of Chithirai, according to the Tamil solar calendar.

The festival of Puthandu falls on the same day as the New Year of other communities according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. On the occasion of Puthandu, people clean and decorate their homes and prepare Kolam to welcome the New Year with positivity and joy. Adorning new clothes, preparing traditional food items and setting up a tray with flowers, fruits and other auspicious items is another ritual followed on Puthandu.

Share these warm greetings and messages with your loved ones on the occasion of Puthandu:

Sending warm wishes and love on the occasion of Puthandu. Happy Tamil New Year.

2. Puthandu Vazthukal to you and your family.

3. Wishing a warm Puthandu Vazthukal to all my dear friends.


4. May you be blessed with the choicest blessings of the Lord. Happy Tamil New Year.

5. On the occasion of Puthandu, let’s welcome the New Year on a positive note.


6. May all your dreams come true in the coming year. Puthandu Vazthukal.

7. Let the Tamil New Year bring you joy and prosperity and fill your days with sweet memories. Happy Tamil New Year.

8. May this New Year bring joy and success in your life. Puthandu Vazthukal.

9. Let this New Year be the start of something new and great in your life.


10. Wishing you and your family a year full of love and happiness. Happy Tamil New Year.

11.  நம்பிக்கைதான் வாழ்க்கை. மனதில் மகிழ்ச்சி அதிகரித்தால் நம்பிக்கை அதிகரிக்கும் ஆரோக்கியம் அதிகரித்தால் ஆயுள் நீடிக்கும். இந்த தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நன்னாளில் நம்பிக்கையும் ஆரோக்கியமும் அதிகரிக்க செந்தழிழைப் போல நீண்ட ஆயுளோடு வாழ மகிழ்வான தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

12. இந்த தமிழ் புத்தாண்டில் உங்களுக்கும் உங்கள் குடும்பத்தாருக்கும் அனைத்து வளங்களும், நல்வாழ்வும் கிடைக்கட்டும். இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

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