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Happy Mother’s Day 2022 : Top 7 Ideas on Gifts for Our Mother’s on this Mother’s Day

May 7, 2022
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With just a day left for Mother’s Day, there are many who are yet to wear their thinking caps to decide upon the best gift for their mothers. This year Mother’s Day is being celebrated on May 8, as per the tradition to mark it on the second Sunday of May. While there are some who already have a to-do list planned for the day, several others still need to figure out their plan of action for the joyous occasion.

From donning the duties of a chef to taking their mothers out for a special treat, people have been making plans for a long time. Besides that, we have curated a list of gifts you can choose from, for your mother. If you have not thought of any gift and are yet to make an effort, go through the list to pick the best option for your mother and make her feel special. 


Shopping is the best therapy for shopaholics, and taking your mother out on Mother’s Day would definitely be special for her. Buying her some clothes and pampering her on this special day would bring a smile to her face, and there could not be a better feeling than that!


If your mother loves gardening and is a nature lover, then gifting her plants is the best option. Buying a variety of plants, seeds, and pottery would also be a perfect gift for her so that she can bask in the beauty of nature. This Mother’s Day, you can gift her a plant instead of flowers so that she can grow and enjoy those flowers every day.

OTT subscription

In the era of digital content – where people prefer to watch films or shows in the comfort of their couch – an OTT subscription can be a good new-age gift. Mothers can be gifted with various OTT platform subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, and more, which would help them to watch all shows and movies they would enjoy. 


If your mother loves watches or jewellery, you can also plan such kinds of gifts as per your budget. You can gift her the beautiful and classy watch that she would always wear and cherish forever.


Mothers are often the ones who ignore their health for the well-being and care of her family members. You can gift her a fitness kit that could include a fitness watch, yoga mat, and comfortable workout clothes so that she gets motivated to take care of her health.

Home-made cards

A handmade card is always an overwhelming gift. You can express your love through this and make your mother feel extra special.

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