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Happy Mother’s Day 2022 : Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for our Mothers

May 7, 2022
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Mother’s day is around the corner and there is no better day to remind your mother that she is loved and cared for. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do things for her on normal days.

This year mother’s day will be celebrated on 8 May and every year mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May globally. This International mother’s day you can do your bit by spending some quality time with your moms because that’s all they need.

Besides that, we have a list of gifts you can choose from for your mother. We have made the effort for you and you just have to choose the meaningful gift as per your mother’s needs and liking.

But let us remind you ” More than the Gifts our Mother needs us Back ” She wants to be with ! She wants the Young ‘ Golu MoluBack! So if possible try to gift her your time, be with her Be Happy Be The Child She Would Want to live with a Thousand Years…………….


If your mother is someone who loves t o read books and doesn’t stop talking about the things she learns through books or keeps asking you to go through her recommendations. This is your hint to gift her a kindle where she can read any book she wants without having to carry the books around. She can have her collection of books in a single device with built-in wi-fi connection, adjustable text size, sharp display and storage for around 1,400 books.


A fitness tracker comes in various forms, an app or a watch. These days, fitness bands are the popular choice of fitness freaks and if your mom is the one who needs or looks after her health- fitness bands or trackers are the best gift for her.

A fitness tracker keeps the owner accountable for her activities, tracks the progress, keeps you on the top of your fitness game and acts as a motivation factor.


Mothers are always on the go and never feel they need to rest. But it is our responsibility to help them realise the importance of relaxation and mindfulness. There are plenty of apps available on the internet that help people to achieve their mindfulness goals.

Meditation can improve focus, mental health, positive thoughts, levels of fatigue, depression and anxiety. Moreover, it can make the process easier for moms helping them stick to the habit.


Yoga apps can be of great help to our mothers since they tend to ignore their health and keep their family before themselves. If your mom does not have the time to join yoga classes or hire a yoga instructor, you can subscribe to paid yoga apps.

These apps help you relax and practice mindfulness while helping you practice yoga anywhere and at anytime. You can set the goals based on the gender, age, health and other requirements.


We talked a lot about health and fitness but who will take the responsibility of your mom’s entertainment. You can do that easily gifting her a subscription of two or more OTT platforms for Mother’s Day. Depending on the kinds of shows and movies your other would enjoy you can buy the subscription of Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.


Mothers have a caring nature and as far as can imagine every mother would enjoy planting and gardening. They can look after their plants like a baby. This mother’s day you can gift her a plant instead of flowers so that she can grow and enjoy those flowers everyday.

You can also gift her plants that will grow into trees and bear fruits in future.


Earphones can be a great gift for anyone. Your mother would be struggling to carry her phone all around the house while working or running errands. She must get annoyed at the strangled earphone wires. The solution to all her problems are the wireless or Bluetooth earphones.

It will help her talk to you or listen to music at any time of the day without having to carry her phone around.


Who doesn’t love pampering themselves with a few good skincare products every now and then. Our mothers would love the salon-like glow at home. You can gift her the basic or luxurious skin care products depending on her skin concerns and your budget.

She can enjoy the salon time at home whenever she wants without having to wait for the appointments.


A woman always loves a good handbag. A handbag is not only required to carry essentials but also acts as an accessory. Handbags are the major accessories in fashion today.

Moreover, your mother needs enough space to carry the things you will be gifting her this mother’s day.


We all might think that we know our mothers and we give her the best gifts but we can be wrong and the best way to compensate for our wrong gift choices is to give our moms few gift cards which they can use as per their needs and convenience. Just make sure they use these gift cards for themselves and not the family.

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