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Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Wishes,images, quotes & whatsapp status

Jul 13, 2022

Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Photos: Dedicated to teachers and mentors, Guru Purnima is observed with much fervour in India, and also parts of Nepal and Bhutan. The day commemorates the Guru-Shishya parampara, and is considered auspicious as it is the first full moon after the summer solstice in the month of Ashadha (July-August). The day also marks the first transmission of the yoga sciences from the first Guru or Lord Shiva – the Adiyogi or first yogi – to his disciples, the Saptarishis or the seven celebrated sages, according to isha.sadhguru.org.

This year, Guru Purnima will be celebrated on July 13 (Wednesday).

As such, express your gratitude to your gurus with these wishes and messages on the special occasion and seek their blessings.

*The best Guru teaches from the heart, not from the books. Happy Guru Purnima.Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Wishes Images: Happy Guru Purnima! (Image designed by Abhishek Mitra)

*Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha.
Happy Guru Purnima!

Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Wishes Images: Wishes on a beautiful day (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Guru is everything in our life, nothing is possible without them. Happy Guru Purnima!

Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Wishes Images: Pay an ode to your mentors (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Guru is aspiration, and Guru is an inspiration. Happy Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Wishes Images: Love your gurus. (Image designed by Gargi Singh)

*May Guru’s blessings always keep you blessed. Wish you a very Happy Guru Purnima

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