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Happy Basava Jayanti 2022 Things you should & must know about Basavanna

May 3, 2022

Basava Jayanti is a Hindu festival celebrated by Lingayats in Karnataka, and other parts of south India to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Basavanna. Basavanna, a 12th century poet and philosopher, is celebrated and held in high regard, especially by the Lingayat community, as he was the founder of Lingayatism. As per the Hindu calendar, the birth of Basavanna falls on the 3rd day of Vaisahaka month in the Shukla paksha. This usually falls either in April of May of the English calendar.

Basaveshwara is known to have brought about several social reforms. He believed in a society free of the caste system, with equal opportunity for all and preached about manual hard work. He also founded the Anubhava Mantapa, loosely translated as the forum of experiences, an academy which included Lingayat mystics, saints, and philosophers. These academicians and philosophers would congregate and share experiences and wisdoms of life.

This year’s Basava Jayanti, which is on the same day as Eid, will be celebrated grandly in Mysore at events organised by groups like the Akhila Bharatha Veerasahaiva Mahasabha, Veerashaiva Lingayat Organisations, Basava Balaga Federation.

A procession will be set off on May 3 in Mysuru at the celebrations by seers of the Lingayat faith after pujas are offered to Nandi Dhwaj and the statue of Basavanna at JSS Mahavidyapeetha Circle is garlanded. Cultural events have also been organised after the procession, where there will be performances by folklore troupes like Veeragase, tableaux, bhajanamela and Mangala Vidya, a report said.

Meanwhile, this year’s Basava Jayanti falling on the same day as Eid led to rumours that there would be a meat ban in Bengaluru on the day. However, a senior BBMP official clarified that there was no truth to the rumour. The official pointed out that the Urban Development Board hasn’t marked Basava Jayanti as a day when there was a moratorium on selling meat.

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