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Gharwapsi campaign started, BJP MLA mother returns to Hinduism after she was converted to Christianity

Oct 11, 2021

Weeks after BJP MLA Gulihatty D Shekhar led a heated discussion in the Karnataka Assembly over the rampant forced conversions going on in rural areas of the state, the former minister started a ‘gharwapsi’ campaign by ensuring his own mother who was lured into embracing Christianity returns to Hinduism.

Shekhar had last month revealed that his own mother was influenced and converted to Christianity by the missionaries. Gulihatti Shekhar had stated that she has been told by the missionaries not to apply Kumkum or Tilak on her forehead. So much is the extent of brainwashing and influence that his mother now does not want to even look at the idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, the MLA had said then.

Shekhar had initiated the campaign to bring those who were converted into Christianity back into the Hindu fold. According to reports, rituals involving reinitiation of people back into Hinduism were conducted in the Halurameshwara temple in Hosadurga taluk of Chitradurga.

The program organised by Shekhar saw four families and a total of nine people returning to their former religion. The families, who belong to the Sudugadu Siddha community of the Ballala Samudra, had reportedly embraced Christianity four years ago in Kerala.

Shekhar spoke to the media on the occasion, stating his mother would soon come out in media about her conversion back to Hinduism and is currently under mental tension and residing at his residence.

“Four families and my mother came to the temple and participated in the rituals for their re-initiation into Hinduism. The change had to and has begun with my mother itself,” Shekhar was quoted as saying by a vernacular media channel.

Shekhar reveals massive conversions underway in rural Karnataka in the name of healing

Shekhar had recently made explosive revelations about the extent of conversions taking place in rural Karnataka. While speaking in the state assembly, G Shekhar said missionaries converted people under false pretences, promising them to relieve them of diseases and disabilities in lieu of conversion. The MLA stated that his mother was first politely invited by Christian missionaries ‘to attend prayers’ near their house. Gradually, their influence worked so much that the lady stopped worshipping Hindu Gods, changed her phone ringtone to Christian prayers and even started objecting to Hindu religious practices inside the house.

The MLA stated that they are facing domestic issues because his mother does not want Hindu Gods worshipped in their house. If they try to object to his mother’s Christian leanings and insist on following Hindu practices in the family, she even threatens to commit suicide, the MLA stated.

As per reports, MLA G Shekhar stated, “Large scale conversions are taking place in the Hosadurga area. Around 20,000 people have been converted to Christianity recently.” He further explained that the missionaries primarily target the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe community and if any Hindu group or individuals try to prevent it, they are trapped in false cases of rape and caste atrocity.

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