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Even after 73 years of Independence Temple’s are treated as they were treated under East Indian Company

Mar 15, 2021

It all started with an small Inciative taken by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev #FreeTNTemples . Started as an small Inciative but it has been voice of millions from long ago. All wanted to talk about this issue but no one came front. Today when Sadhguru is voice of lakhs.

Rs 10000 per annum

India has been the land of people who would build a temple instead of their own house today their Temple’s are dying without a single Pooja. In India there are about 2 million temples and not even an single record of how many of them are just an monument without single pooja and an pujaari. Sadhguru have been bringing this issue in light from past one month and it has created a lot of impact on elections too.

Official record what about non official one?

In only Tamil Nadu 11,999 Temple’s are dying without a single Pooja taking place. 34,000 Temple’s are struggling with less than Rs 10,000 per annum. 37,000 Temple’s have just one person for Pooja, maintenance, security etc.. 63 Million people in Tamil Nadu don’t have rights to maintain their own land of worship! On Mahashivratri when Sadhguru was speaking about the #FreeTNTemples lakhs of volunteers, devotes stood with placards in their hand urging to free Tamil Nadu Temple’s.

From Masjiids to Church, Gurudhawaras all have beeen maintained by their devotes but Temple’s by government. We don’t need any Worshipabble place to understand government just free everyone. Why only Temple’s are under government? Let every place be maintained by devotes. In this secular country does Hindus have to be under government cluches. In the end we want all Indian Temple’s to be free not only #FreeTNTemples but #FreeIndianTemples

Lakhs of acres of lands have been snatched by Enroachers and we have been quiet but now we shall be a part of the voice. We at therightmag.com stand with Sadhguru

To ring an bell visit Sadhguru official website and give a missed call at 83000 83000 https://isha.sadhguru.org/en/free-tamilnadu-temples

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