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Fan of Puneeth Raj kumar dies after hearing that Puneeth Raj kumar is no more

Oct 29, 2021

No one is able to trace the matter of the death of Puneet Raj Kumar. The fact that he died has shocked many. Now, the news of Puneeth’s death has taken place in Chamaraja Nagar. A fan named Muniyappa (30) has died of a heart attack. Muniyappa Punit of Maruru village of Hanur taluk of Chamarajanagar district has collapsed as he heard the news of death. It is unfortunate that his fan has died along with Puneet.

Puneet Raj Kumar had a health problem while working out at the gym on Friday morning. It was said that a heart problem appeared. He was later hospitalized. But, he never left the hospital.

Having been active in cinema from an early age, Puneeth has got millions of fans. Family Audiences love them so much. Appu means to children. They all prayed through social media that they would soon be healed. But this prayer is not to last.

‘Come here as Chest Penn at 11:30 this morning. Upon arrival was a little bit serious. Is a serious heart attack. Still, health is serious. Nothing. We are doing our best, ‘the doctor said.

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