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Did Lord Parshuram kill their mother? And more such unknown facts

May 14, 2021

It’s believed that Lord Parshuram took birth on Tritiya of Vaishaka month of Hindu calendar. He took birth in the Pradosh Kala. Hence once tritiya begins in the kala it’s appropriate to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti. On Tritiya the Tretayug began, Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation Lord Parshuram took birth on Tritiya of Vaishaka month.

Lord Parshuram took birth as 5th Son of sage Jamadagni and his wife Renuka. Sage Jamadagnya was great sage and he had mastered several vidyas.

Top facts about Lord Parshuram

Lord Parshuram was a sage but he choose to be a warrior. Lord Parshuram took birth as 5th son of Sage Jamadagnya and Renuka. Even though Parshuram hailed from the family of sages he choose to be a warrior. Lord Parshuram decided to wipe out all the evil kings. Who make use of their military power to carry out evil practice.

He killed his own Mother?

People will te you that Lord Parshuram killed his mother but they will never tell you. That they brought back his mother to life and she is worshipped as Renuka / Yellamaa

According to the Bhagvat purana Lord Parshuram’s mother Renuka one day went to fetch some water from river Ganga ( Ganges) . And there she saw the King of Gandharvas Citraratha garlanded with lotus along Apsaras. She was observing Citraratha and the Apsaras. And forgot that the time for fire sacrifice was passing.

After realising that she stood before safe Jamadagni with folded hands. Since she feared that sage Jamadagni would curse her. By the meditative powers sage Jamadagni learned the reason behind why was she late for the fire sacrifice. Sage Jamadagni was enraged and ordered his sons to remove her. He ordered as she was getting attracted to materialistic world which she wanted to leave and attain Moksha.

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The elder 4 sons of sage Jamadagni refused to so. Since killing a women, and that their mother was great sin. At the same time they disobeyed the elder that to their father was a sin.

The same was told to Lord Parshuram, Parshuram who was aware of his father’s power. Carried out the order. Lord Parshuram had gained the power through intense involvement in meditation. He terminated his mother and all the 4 brothers.

Jamadagni was happy that Parshuram had obeyed him sincerely. Jamadagni asked Parshuram wish anything?

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Lord Parshuram replied ” I want my mother and brothers to come back to life and they shouldn’t remember anything “. Since Lord Parshuram knew about the powers his father possessed he carried the order. And brought back his mother and brothers to life.

Karna and Pitamaha Bhishma were students of Lord Parshuram.

Lord Parshuram was never defeated by anyone except Pitamaha Bhishma.

Lord Parshuram was immortal. He would never return to the Vishnu roopa as he is immortal and still among us.

Lord Parshuram had killed all the Kshatriyas on the earth for 21 times. Each time he killed the Kshatriyas to avenge the death of his father. Sage Jamadagni was killed by a king since the sage didn’t offer his cow Kamdhenu to the king.

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