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Declare India a Hindu Rashtra by Oct 2nd or else I will take Jal Samadhi- Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj

Sep 29, 2021

On September 29, Shree Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj of Tapasvi Chavani in Ayodhya demanded that India should be declared a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ by October 2. He added if the central government did not fulfil his demand, he would take ‘Jal Samadhi’ in the Sarayu river at 12 PM on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. He also urged the Centre to terminate the nationality of Muslims and Christians. He said, “I demand that India should be declared a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ by October 2 or else I’ll take Jal Samadhi in river Sarayu.”

In the statement, he said, “If India is not declared a Hindu Rashtra, constitution, courts, humanity and Indian culture will end in the same way it has ended in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc.” He further added that India is the only nation left for Hindus, and if India is not declared a Hindu Rashtra, Hindus will cease to exist. “With Hindus, Sanatan Dharma will cease to exist too,” he added.

He said the central government should amend the constitution under Section 368 and take away the right to vote from Muslims and Christians. The government should declare India a Hindu Rashtra. “BJP has the power to use Section 368 to amend the constitution and make India a Hindu Rashtra. Otherwise, Hindus will be killed just like they are being killed in West Bengal,” he said.

“If India is not declared a Hindu Rashtra, those who are keeping four wives and birthing 40 children will repeat what had happened in Kashmir. Where would Hindus go? I have completed Kafan Poojan. If the government does not declare India a Hindu Rashtra, I will do Jal Samadhi in this Kafan,” Paramhans Acharya said. He said Hindu organizations are holding Hindu Sanatan Dharm Sansad on October 1 in Ayodhya. “The government has to declare India a Hindu Rashtra. It may happen while I am alive, or it will happen after my death, but it is going to happen,” he added.

Earlier, Paramhans Acharya had gone on a 15-day long fast-unto-death over the same issue. He broke the fast only after Home Minister Amit Shah met him. The saint community of Ayodhya has announced that they would hold a ‘Hindu Sanatan Dharma Sansad’ to support Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj’s demand.

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