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CSK vs KKR Live score; KKR beats CSK here’s highlight

Mar 26, 2022

Mar 26, 2022 | 22:57 (IST)

Billings falls 

KKR 123/4 (17.3) ##

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 18: Wicket! Sam Billings falls with the target just a whisker away. Billings wanted to finish the match quickly and holed one out to Tushar at deep midwicket. It was a slower ball from Bravo and the wicket puts him level with Lasith Malinga for most wickets in the IPL. 

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 14

 Shreyas Iyer and Sam Billings continue to work in singles as they work their way towards the target. With just 34 required from 36 balls, they are in commanding position and it would require a monumental collapse from here on out to put any pressure on KKR. Score 98/3. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 22:31 (IST)

Rahane departs KKR 87/3 (11.4) ##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 11

Wicket! Rahane departs. Santner has his man. It was angling in and Rahane flicked it straight to the opposition captain at midwicket. KKR have now lost two quick wickets, but the target is well within sight to cause them any worry yet. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 22:25 (IST)

Bravo removes Rana KKR 76/2 (10/20) ##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 10

Wicket! Bravo removes the dangerous Nitish Rana. It was a short ball that cramped Rana for room and he pulled it straight to Rayudu at short fine leg. Half the allotted overs are done and KKR are looking very much in command, much as they have been throughout this match. Chasing just 131, their openers negotiated the powerplay without losing a wicket, before Venkatesh Iyer fell in the 7th over. Rana was looking in fine form too. In comes Shreyas Iyer. 

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 8: Iyer’s wicket doesn’t slow down KKR. Sent ahead of Iyer, Rana has started just what the doctor ordered. He is taking apart the CSK bowlers. The over also saw Dhoni miss a regulation ball, which trotted away to the boundary. Score: 59/1. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 22:04 (IST)KKR lose Venkatesh IyerKKR 43/1 (6.2) ##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live: Wicket! Venkatesh Iyer falls. Iyer swings, but bravo takes the ball slightly away and it takes a leading edge and is quite gladly taken by Dhoni. Venkatesh falls for 16. KKR 43/1. In comes Nitish Rana. 

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 5: Venkatesh Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane are slowly chipping away at the target, without any real danger from the CSK bowlers. With just 131 to defend, CSK are lacking the teeth in their bowling. Barring a couple of near chances, they haven’t been able to threaten either of the KKR openers. Score: 35/0. 

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 3: CSK are missing Deepak Chahar very much. He has been the leading wicket-taker in the power-play with 42 wickets. The next best is 27. Deepak was CSK’s most expensive buy and his absence due to injury has been a heavy blow to the defending champions. They are without Josh Hazlewood too, who was brilliant last year. Both openers are holding steady for KKR and will be looking for the right opportunity to step up their pace. Score: 15/0. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 21:41 (IST)IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 2: KKR aren’t off to a flier, but they know they don’t have a steep target to chase. They are taking their time to settle in and it seems to be the right way to go about the innings, considering the collapse that CSK had at the start of their innings. Score 8/0

KKR begin their chase ##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | KKR begin chase: After doing well to restrict CSK to just 131, KKR will be hoping to finish things off without too many hiccups. They will also want both the Iyers to fire. The pitch seems to have plenty for the fast bowlers, especially in the first half of the innings. It is game on!

Mar 26, 2022 | 21:19 (IST)End of CSK inningsCSK 131/5 (20) ##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | CSK 131/5 (20): After a shaky and uncharacteristic start to their IPL 2022 campaign, CSK post 131 on the board, thanks to their former captain MS Dhoni. After scoring 15 off 25 balls, he accelerated to 50 off just 38, scoring ihs last 35 runs off just 13 balls. 131 looked a distant dream at one time, but Dhoni did well in the last three overs to take CSK to a respectable total. It is still below the par score and they would wish they had about 20 more runs on board. Shreyas has been brilliant in his captaincy and will now have to lead the team from the front with the bat. Back soon for the chase. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 21:12 (IST)IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 19: Dhoni answers his question in the team with some ferocious attacking play. After dispatching Russell for three boundaries in the previous over, he hits Mavi for a four and a six, the latter being a no-ball as well. After bowling reasonably well in his first three overs, Mavi concedes 15 in the over. Score: CSK 113/5. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 21:03 (IST)IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 18: After trudging along at excruciatingly slow pace, Dhoni finally is able to break free and finds the boundary three times in the over. The last boundary was close to the slip fielder, but it bounced in front of him to find the boundary. Russell concedes 14 runs in the over. Score: CSK 98/5. 

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 16: After 48 deliveries without a boundary, CSK finally get one, albeit a horrible misfield from Varun Chakravarthy. CSK’s horrific run rate is unprecedented at the Wankhede which has always been a batting paradise with 170-plus scores the par score. With just four overs to go, CSK have to really dig deep to shell something out of this innings. Score 81/5. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:49 (IST)IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 15: Dhoni is crawling away at under half a run a ball, a complete no-no in T20 cricket. The tortoise pace of his innings will certainly question his place in the innings if he loses his wicket without a big score. Considering he isn’t captain anymore, the critics have plenty of reasons to question his place. Score 73/5.

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:42 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 14: Jadeja and Dhoni are on the crease, but neither have been able to break free of the shackles. KKR have been brilliant in the bowling and fielding departments and have kept things really tight. CSK have looked far from their usual best. The crowd are firmly behind the former CSK captain, chanting ‘Dhoni, Dhoni’, but the former skipper has been kept subdued by KKR so far. Score 69/5.

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:36 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 12: CSK’s batting woes continue as KKR continue to chip away at their wickets, although it should be said that it is more of CSK giving away theirs. Barring a good ball by Varun Chakravarthy to dismiss Uthappa, all the other wickets have been CSK’s own undoing. Jadeja has been involved in two mix-ups, one of which resulted int he run-out of Rayudu. CSK’s new captain has been nervy and his body language shows it. CSK will need something spectacular from their former and current captains to stay in this match. Score 64/5. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:31 (IST)

CSK lose another, as Shivam Dube falls CSK 61/5 (10.5)

##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 11: Wicket! Shivam Dube makes his way back to the pavilion. Dube sends a premeditated pull straight to Narine. It is yet another simple catch. Earlier, Dube has survived two run-out attempts. The first was yet another mix-up with Jadeja, but Narine failed to hit the wicket. The second time, Narine made contact with the wicket, but Dube has just made it. But it was all in vain for Dube and CSK as KKR struck again. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:24 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 10: The first half of the CSK innings has definitely done to the KKR. Shreyas Iyer has had a dream start to his IPL captaincy. The same can hardly be said about Jadeja. Not only has his team lost early wickets, he was also involved in the run-out of Rayudu. With just 57 runs on the board, it will take a monumental innings from Jadeja to ensur CSK put up a respectable score on board. Score: CSK 57/4. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:18 (IST)

Another wicket down for CSK as Rayudu is run outCSK 52/4 (8.4)

##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 9: Wicket! Rayudu falls. A bizarre mix-up between Jadeja and Rayudu. Chennai are in self-destruct mode. Jadeja sent the ball straight at Shreyas at short mid-wicket and takes a couple of steps, but Rayudu is halfway down the pitch and is in no position to get back and is run-out miles away. There was never a run there. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:11 (IST)CSK lose Uthappa !CSK 49/3 (7.5)

##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Wicket! Varun Chakravarthy strikes for KKR. Uthappa was looking good but a clever bit of bowling from Varun puts an end to it. The balls spins back from middle to beat the advancing Uthappa and Jackson is lightning-quick to take the bails off. CSK are in trouble at 49/3.

Mar 26, 2022 | 20:03 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 6: Varun Chakravarthy is brought into the attack and he almost bowls Ambati Rayudu, but the faintest of inside edges sees the ball miss the stumps by a whisker and beats the keeper to find the boundary. Score 35/2. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:59 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 5: A good over from Umesh yet again. He has statistically been good in the powerplay. Picks up the important wicket of Conway, who was playing his first IPL match. Just the one run in the over which also saw a brilliant bit of fielding from Rahane at backward point to save a couple. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:55 (IST)CSK lose second wicket. Conway falls !CSK 28/2 (4.1)

##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 5: Wicket! Umesh Yadav strikes again! Conway’s IPL debut is off to a miserable start. He steps out and tries to lob Umesh over the 30-yard circle, but doesn’t get enough on it and sends an easy catch for Shreyas Iyer. CSK 28/2. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:53 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 4: Another good over for CSK. 12 runs coming from it as Uthappa gets into his groove. A six over the keeper’s head and an error in line from Mavi sees the last ball flicked away to the boundary on the leg-side. Score 28/1.Over the years, the primary concern for Chennai batters has been their scoring rate against leg-spinners. The penurious scoring rate against leg-spinners remains one of the drawbacks for this team up to this present day. Chennai holds the record of most playoffs appearances by any team.

Despite being banned for 2016 and 2017, Chennai orchestrated into the playoffs 11 times in IPL history by also scripting a fairytale return in 2018. The only time they did not qualify for the playoffs was the 2020 season in UAE. All those triumphs, championships, dominance looked feasible only because of MS Dhoni’s hardships and competence. As Harsha Bhogle rightly pointed out, Dhoni’s retirement from captaincy is an “end of an era” expression for all the fans and franchise. Moreover, Ravindra Jadeja has a task to fill the big boots of MS as he takes over captaincy.

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:47 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 3: Uthappa followed his boundary in the previous over with a six off Umesh Yadav’s second ball. He seems to be dealing in boundaries while Conway is working in singles. Eight off the over. Score 16/1.

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:45 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 2: Uthappa and COnway both get off their marks with the former doing so with an elegant boundary on the leg-side. Uthappa’s form will be crucial for CSK who will be relying on his experience and hard-hitting prowess. Conway too, has big shoes to fill after Du Plessis’ departure. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:38 (IST)

IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Over 1: Umesh Yadav started the over with a no-ball but made up for it with the early wicket of Ruturaj Gaikwad. A lose attempted drive by Gaikwad and he perishes. Three extras in the over, with CSK batsmen failing to score a single run. Score 3/1. 

Mar 26, 2022 | 19:35 (IST)

Gaikwad falls as CSK lose first wicket CSK 2/1 (0.3) ##IPL 2022 | CSK vs KKR Live | Wicket! 

KKR strike early. Gaikwad lashes at a short and wide delivery and gets a healthy edge. Nitish Rana does extremely well at slip to take a high catch. 

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