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Complete lockdown in Karnataka from 10th May

May 7, 2021

As the covid cases are raising in India. As well as Karnataka CM B. S. Yediyurappa on Friday announced that there will complete lockdown imposed in Karnataka. From 10th May to 24 th May. The decision was taken after the failure of Corona Curfew in the state. Chief Minister on Friday had held a meeting with the involved personals and Official. In the meet it was decided that people were not taking Corona Curfew seriously. So the strict decision was taken to impose a complete lockdown.

As #COVID19 cases are surging in the state, corona curfew was not successful. So, a complete lockdown will be imposed from 10th May 6 am to 24th May 6 am. All hotels, pubs and bars will remain closed. Eateries, meat shops & vegetable shops can operate from 6-10 am: Karnataka CM. Told to the press this evening.

All the pubs and bars in Karnataka will be closed. Only eatables and meat, vegetables shop will be open from 6 am to 10 am everyday in the morning. After 10 am not even a single person will be allowed after 10 am. CM BS Yediyurappa told that he has informed all the police officials to take strict decisions. Those who flaunt the decision. Strict actions will be imposed on them.

Not even a single person will be allowed after 10 am in the lockdown, I have suggested police officers to take stringent action. We have decided this after looking at the death toll and increasing number of cases: Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa . Told CM Bs Yediyurappa in the meet.

CM Yediyurappa requests labours to not leave Karnataka

CM BS Yediyurappa had shown serious concerns on the health and earning of Daily day labours and migrant workers. People are requested to not to leave the state. Since it is a small lockdown and everything will be normal after some time. CM BS Yediyurappa told that “It’s a small lockdown I request all the migrant labour to not leave the state”.

Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Odisha are among states showing increasing trend in daily new COVID-19 cases: Govt. Among all these states Karnataka is in the top in COVID-19 cases in India.

Why Complete lockdown?

Since the raise in cases is showing no decrease after the state had imposed Corona Curfew . So the minister’s and health experts has suggest government to take the step. The health expert team suggest that there must be complete lockdown in the state. So that the situation won’t worse. The Corona Curfew was imposed from end of April but the cases just show the uprise . So the government decided that a strict action must be taken. The complete lockdown will be imposed from 10th May to the 24 th of the May.

Team therightmag.com request it’s readers to stay home stay safe.

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