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CM BS Yeddyurappa will resign on 25th July! Will BJP stay in Power after this?

Jul 22, 2021
CM BS Yeddyurappa in the press meet. Image courtesy Public TV

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said in an explosive statement that he was ready to resign two months ago.

Speaking to the media before the cabinet meeting, the chief ministers said, “I am waiting for a message on July 25. I will resign when the High Command says me to do so. No hiccups, I will resign and let others. He reiterated his statement that he was committed to the decision of the Center leadership.

My intention is for the BJP to come to power in Karnataka in the next assembly elections. I will do my duty till the last moment. He said he would resign immediately after centres order. With the his resignation he will start working with in the Party for its development.

There are many alternative leaders. But I do not recommend anyone’s name to the High Command. The high command is to select the next leader. When the High Command heard about the next leaders, I made it clear that I did not name anyone.

On July 26, the BJP will clear it’s two years as the ruling party in Karnataka . We will publish our two-year achievement as ruling government on 26 th July. Which will give a list of our achievement that this government did. “Our program manual will be brought out,” he said

After 25, I will do as the High Command says. It is not right to protest on my behalf. The High Command hinted a resigning. And I will do.

CM BS Yeddyurappa will resign on 26th of July!! Can BJP be in power after his resignation too?

High commands decision will be The ultimate in what it says. Activists should not be confused. The High Command is committed to the decision. Waiting for the High Command message after July 25th. The working admirers have been allowed to take office until the age of 75. It is my intention to bring the party back to power. We have a special program on the achievements of the government at 26. After this program, we will act as suggested by the nobles. BSY had said that it was my decision to obey the the high command.


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