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Breaking News; Weekend curfew imposed in 8 district of Karnataka

Aug 6, 2021
Image shot during the lockdown of a empty road. Image courtesy Public TV news.

Big Breaking News has come from the Karnataka as it has taken a alarming decision to impose a Weekend curfew and Night curfew in eight of its districts bordering Kerala and Maharashtra. As tourists and other people are traveling inter states without any intention. And are causing in wide spread of Corona Virus cases. The decision was taken with the help of Experts and in the presence of Chief Minister Bommaia. The decision to Impose a weekend curfew in eight district is a signal for public to be aware and stay in home and stay safe

Weekend curfew will be in effect in 8 districts bordering Maharashtra and Kerala in the wake of increasing corona virus.

The decision was announced after a meeting with CM Bommai experts on Corona control. Lockdown announcement on Saturday, Sunday

The statewide night curfew period is increased from 9pm to 5pm instead of 10pm.

At today’s meeting, there was talk of school and college opening. School and college will be started in two stages. The first phase will start from August 23rd. In the last week of August, the government has decided to take a decision on when to open schools from grades 1 to 8, considering the situation. The colleges were opened in the past week and now decision to open schools from 8 to 10th has been taken.

Its a alarming call for all the people that they must now be aware of increasing case. Karnataka administration has already started take strict decision regarding people safety. And now it’s has decided to Maintain a Weekend Curfew in borders of Maharashtra and Kerala bordering district.

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