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Breaking News | Suvendhu Adhikari has won in Nandigram. Mamta Banerjee lost

May 2, 2021
Mamta Banerjee vs Suvendhu Adhikari. Image Source Opindia.com

At 7:19 election commission has declared that Suvendhu has won.

Big Breaking, Suvendhu Adhikari has won in West Bengal as per some media House’s. But according to Election Commission official website. Still the results are undeclared but BJP candidate Suvendhu is leading in Nandigram seat.

Earlier many media houses had declared that Mamta Banerjee has won in Nandigram. But still the twists and turns continue in Nandigram. Mamta has accepted her defeat and told that she will move to court. And challenge the results. She told that earlier they had declared me as winner. But now they are saying Suvendhu is winning. I will move to court.

While the BJP has lost the battle in West Bengal it’s a win to West Bengal. Since it has started it’s journey from 3 to 90 plus seats in West Bengal.

While BJP has just saddened the victory way of TMC. Since BJP has won the Nandigram seat. While TMC has won 200 plus seats its been difficult to believe that Mamta Banerjee has lost the battle.

The vote factor in the win of TMC.The vote percentage for TMC ( Tirmul National Congress) is 48% but for BJP it is 38% . The journey of Bhartiya janta Party from 3 seats to 90+ seats. Have spoken their efforts and success. BJP had high hopes nevertheless even these leads won’t disappoint them. Mamta Banerjee has got all her older votes but due to inactive participation of Left and Congress. Mamta Banerjee votes didn’t scatter and she had the least to make government.

However we say that the results are still not declared. Still the official statement of the Election Commission is not out. People are requested that it may take some more time. In the night we hope that the Election commission will declare the result. Mamta Banerjee has lost as by now .

Media house of Republic TV has declared that Election commission has announced that Suvendhu adhikari has won.

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