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Breaking News; Landslide in Himachal pradesh, Kinnaur over 40 might be dead

Aug 11, 2021
Image from the zero ground where landslide occurred.

A major accident occurred due to landslide in Kinnaur district of the state on Wednesday. Between Nigosari and Chaura suddenly a large part of the mountain broke and fell on the road. In this accident many vehicles including HRTC bus got buried under the debris. According to a report, there are said to be about 40 passengers in the bus. Deputy commissioner Sadiq Hussain gave this information. Himachal Pradesh CM Jai Ram Thakur has also confirmed the incident during the assembly session. This is the second major landslide in Kinnaur in less than a month .

Bus might have fallen in the ditch!!

According to reports, this bus is on the Moorang Haridwar route in Kinnaur district. According to administrative information, after the accident, the driver of the bus has informed from the scene that 35 to 40 people were on the bus. This incident happened near Bhavnagar in Kinnaur. The bus is not visible far from the road. It is being told that the bus has fallen into the ditch below the road.

Obstacles in rescue

Obstacles in rescuing due to continuous falling of stones NDRF team has been sent to the spot after the accident. Apart from this, the local administration is also engaged in rescue work. The accident happened around 12:45 pm. Still, stones are falling continuously at the site of the accident, which is making it difficult to start the relief work.

Not the first time but last month too land slide occurred!!

accident happened before Landslides are happening continuously in Himachal due to heavy rains. Let us tell you that earlier on July 25, there was a big landslide on the Sangla-Chitkul road of Kinnaur. A tourist vehicle was hit by a stone falling from the mountain. 9 people died in this accident, while three people were injured.

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