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Breaking News| John Cena apologize to China

May 26, 2021
Famous Hollywood actor John Cena. Image from Video of Official account of John Cena

Famous WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor John Cena had apologized to China. During the promotion of his latest and news film Fast And Furious 9. John Cena said that Taiwan will be the first country to watch Fast And Furious 9. After his video went viral he again posted a video in which he said that “I apologize for calling Taiwan a country. I love China and Chinese and I apologize for calling it a country. “

It’s strange that how a famous actor had to apologize to communists of China. He had called Taiwan a country, which is true. China has forcefully occupied the land of Taiwan and is claiming it’s rule on it.

The people of Taiwan are protesting against Chinese government from long times. But still the are nit recognised as an free country by communist and claim their rule. Taiwan had supported India when the clashes between India and China took place. Taiwan stood in support of India.

John Cena was doing promotion for his upcoming movie “Fast & Furious 9” when he said that “Taiwan will be the first country to see” the film. Well, that didn’t sit well with the communist masters in Beijing because the star actor had to release an apology that resembled a hostage video.

This is absolutely pathetic, and it’s just the latest example of how Hollywood bows down and kisses the feet of the Chinese dictatorship.

No matter what you think of the situation between China and Taiwan. The fact an famous celebrity had to apologize for calling the island a country is embarrassing.

Even many Indian Celebs are in favour of China. And even during these tough times communist of India never fall back to support China.

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