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Breaking news | Full lockdown in Kalaburagi

May 25, 2021

On May 25th Tuesday Deputy Commissioner of Police informed that there will a complete lock down in the district from may 27th to 30. He announced this citing the uprise of covid cases in the district.

Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi had said that from 27th of May. A complete three day lockdown will be imposed in the district. Only essential things will be allowed. Everything else will be prohibited. Expect essential items all others will be restricted. The lockdown will come in action from 27th 6am to 30th May 6am.

Many district including Mandya and many other district have imposed a lockdown in their district. DC’s from the many district have imposed a three day strict lockdown in their district. These steps are been taken after Chief Minister B S Yediurppa had said that the respective DC’s can take the step to stop covid. And hence many District have taken the step to crub the spread of virus.

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The state has also stopped the vaccination for 18-45 aged people. The state had announced that the vaccination for adults has been halted due to shortage. And the rise in the COVID-19 cases has reduced. But due to still high cases been reported in the state many District collectors are taking decision of three day complete lockdown.

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Essential things like Milk and Medical stores will be allowed. And all other things like Alcohol, Vegetables and Grocery wont there in action. This will be limited to three days. On the other days all essential commodities like grocery, vegetables, milk and others will be allowed.

Team therightmag.com request it’s reader to wear mask 😷 and save life’s. Please stay at home and be safe.

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