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Brad Pitt’s new skincare product says it’s Genderless, get’s twitter talking with tag line ‘NO CONSERVATIVES’

Sep 22, 2022

One thing to be noted about Brad Pitt’s skincare line is that it is “Genderless.”

Actor and Director Brad Pitt has announced his new skincare line. He announced his new collection, called Le Domaine Skincare, in an interview with British Vogue and opened up about his skincare routine. He further revealed that one of his famous exes influenced his brand and his beauty routine. According to People.com, while speaking to the magazine, he said, “I love what Gwyneth (Paltrow)’s done. She is still a really dear friend, and she has built this empire. She has always had that in her as a curator, and it’s been a lovely creative outlet for her. In fact, come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day… maybe.”

One thing to be noted about Pitt’s skincare line is that it is “Genderless.” Also, taking to Twitter, a user pointed out that the website has mentioned “no conservatives” when they meant “no preservatives.” The tweet immediately went viral and people on social media are in splits. Have a look for yourself:

“my skincare brand contains 0 conservatives its entirely made from communists,” commented a Twitter user. Here are a few reactions:

As per the official website, Pitt said, “The goal is to imitate the organic cycles of nature, its primeval beauty. There is no waste in nature. Anything left over or discarded becomes food for something else. This exemplary circular system is the inspiration for Le Domaine.”

He further made it clear that despite this being his brand (which he created with the help of the Perrin family of vintners), he is not the face of the brand. However, he is the driving force behind the products’ creation. The products use grape-based antioxidants from Chateau Miraval. This allows him to combine his knowledge and love of wine with his new foray into skincare.

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