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Born in Chennai, stayed in Kannadigas heart started to act at the age of 6 months, here’s more about Puneeth Raj Kumar

Oct 30, 2021

If we just take a glimpse back at the life of Puneeth Raj kumar we will find his immense contributions to the Sandalwood industry as well as for Karnataka. He was the Youth Icon inspiring a hundred thousands and helping lakhs of people.

Take a look at the life of Puneeth Raj kumar akka Appu ( a name given by his fans) , One Among the greatest Star the Sandalwood ever witnessed

Born in Chennai on March 17, 1975, Puneet Rajkumar spent his childhood there. His original name was Lohit. After he started to act in the motion flims he became Puneeth Raj kumar

Childhood: Applause to all his dear, to the fans of Power Star, Prince of cinema, Puneet was a versatile talented Child, singer, television presenter, producer, distributor, entrepreneur, etc. All roled into one.

Puneeth was the son of best actor, whom the Kanndaigas treated like King, yes Appu was the Son of RajKumar. Appu came to Karnataka when he was six years old, loving his mother’s affection and affection for his brothers and sisters. Thus Puneet spoke both Tamil and Kannada fluently

Puneeth made his debut on the screen in 1976 when he was a baby of six. Sanadhi Appanna, Taige Takka Magga, Vasantha Geetha, Bhoomi ge banda Bhagawanta, Bhagavantharu, etc., were his famous films. From which he made his name.

He was a vocalist too and had received Karnataka state flim award. He hd sung in “kāṇadante māyavādanō, yārivanu citrada kaṇṇige kāṇuva dēvaru muntāda”

Flim Journey ; In 2002, Puri Appu opened the second innings in Kannada cinema as a hero. The film was a huge success. Later films like Abhi, Veera Kannadiga, Maurya, Akash, Nam Basav and Ajay made good records at the box office. Then Appu’s Luck changed. Since then, every film that Appu has acted in has been good.

The perfect family man Appu

He married Ashwani Revant of Chikmagalur on December 1, 1999. Initially the two were friends. After the friendship turned to love, the parents agreed and got married. He has two daughters, Dhruti and Vandita.

Acting, cinema and production were so time consuming even though he would be so busy. He would take out some time for family. Spending time with family and traveling abroad. Power Star was the Perfect Family Man.

Puneeth as a Singer

Puneet, who has sung in over 50 films as a singer, donated all his money to charity. Puneet, had owned the Bangalore Premier Football Team and would look after all their expenses. He was involved in social service through the Shakti Ashram of Mysore.

He was also the Ambassador of Nandini Milk Products and LED Bulbs in Government of Karnataka. At some time he was the ambassador of the Royal Challengers Bangalore cricket team.

Puneeth had his own Production house

Narrator, Producer: In television, he narrated two seasons of Kannada millionaire and reality show Family Power. She was the first guest of the Weekend with Ramesh. Mawbadar, Mayabazar Cinema has produced their own banner. Puneeth has also produced a television serial through his production house. In memory of his mother, he had set up an audio company named PRK studios.

Award: Karnataka State Award for his performance in the film “Moving Clouds and Two Stars” as a child. The first ten films starring him as a hero was also a record as they ran more than 100days. He has won two state awards, four Filmfare, two Saima and many more awards for his talent.

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