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BMC lights Up in Save Soil colours to support Sadhguru here’s pic’s : Bharat Welcomes Sadhguru

May 28, 2022

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) building in Mumbai was lit up as a mark of support for Sadhguru and his ‘Save Soil’ campaign. Volunteers at the venue held up ‘Save Soil’ placards.


  • Sadhguru has travelled many international locations on bike as part of Save Soil movement
  • He is expected to reach India by May end and will travel across the country to spread awareness
  • Save Soil campaign volunteers in Mumbai held up placards outside MBC building and posed for pics

To show support for the Save Soil Movement, launched by Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, the headquarters of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) were lit up in the colors of Save Soil logo to show support towards the cause. 

As 52% of the world’s agricultural lands show rapid degeneration, a policy level change at the world level is the need of the hour. As Save Soil Movement picks up support with 2.1 Billion people already voicing support, BMC rises up to do its bit in solidarity. Previously, the epic Niagara Falls in Canada, Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva, and Montreal Olympic Stadium have shown similar support for the Save Soil movement by lighting up in blue and green colour. 

In the images, we can see that Soil volunteers have gathered in front of the BMC building holding out placards that read ‘Save Soil’.

Image fo BMC building in Mumbai

Soil volunteers outside BMC building

Sadhguru has embarked on a journey to ‘save the soil’. He started off as a lone motorcyclist in March and his journey has hit the half-way mark. In the last 50 days, Sadhguru has ridden through most of Europe, parts of central Asia as well as the Middle East to bring the focus on the dire need to Save Soil. 

In his commitment to the cause, Sadhguru has been riding through extremely risky conditions, including snow, sand storms, rain and sub-zero temperatures. During the journey, he has met political leaders, soil experts, citizens, media personnel and influencers in each country. He has extensively discussed with them the urgency to address soil extinction. As part of his journey, Sadhguru will be reaching India at the end of May, and will travel across the country till June 21.

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