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Bigg Boss Ultimate Who will get eliminated this week?

Mar 14, 2022

Bigg Boss Ultimate has got people hooked to their TV screens. With five more weeks to go, the upcoming elimination is expected to make quite some noise inside as well as outside the house. This week, Snehan, Suruthi, Bala, and Julie were the housemates who are nominated for the eviction. While host Simbu is set to reveal the evictions on the upcoming weekend episode, fans are hoping that their favourite contestant gets saved.

For those who couldn’t keep a track of the previous week, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Anitha Sampath, Maria Juliana, Snehan, Suruthi Periyasamy, Thaadi Bhalaji, and Thamarai Selvi were nominated, and it was Balaji who had to walk out from the house.

This week the nominations were held in a bit different way. Each contestant was asked to save two housemates from eviction, and the majority of the housemates were seen choosing Sathish, as he was new to the BB house. They couldn’t pick Niroop as he was the captain of the week, hence the housemates were asked not to choose him. At the end of the nomination process, Snehan, Suruthi, Bala, and Julie were announced as the nominated players of the week, as very few or no housemates voted to save them.

A couple of tasks were held inside the Bigg Boss house, one wherein the contestants had to pick a housemate based on the character traits given. While most of the housemates were seen picking Snehan as the person who often goes invisible in the crowd, and a few even called him a boring person. Well, the results will only tell whether the audience also feels the same or not.

Balaji is the player with the most “FIRs” inside the house. Though most of them were filed by Anitha Sampath, he has been accused of indulging in groupism with Abhirami and Julie.

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