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Puneeth Raj Kumar is no more, #Appu passes away after cardiac arrest

Oct 29, 2021

From sources we have confirmed that he’s no more .

Sandalwood actor, power star Puneeth Raj Kumar has suffered a massive heart attack and the condition is serious. The actor is currently being treated at the ICU of Vikram Hospital. But he lost the battle

The actor collapsed as he was working out at the gym as usual this morning. He was immediately rushed to the local Ramanashree hospital and later admitted to Vikram Hospital. The actor’s condition was serious when he was taken to hospital in an ambulance. He is currently being treated at the ICU by cardiologists .

The actor’s family ran into the hospital just as the actor was hospitalized. Fans are also gathering around the hospital as the already tight police bando bash is provided. All roads leading to the hospital have been paved.

Sivanraj Kumar’s Bajrangi 2 cinema opened today and the Shivanna family went to watch the cinema. Meanwhile, Shivanna’s daughter ran into the hospital and inquired about her uncle’s health. Actor Crazystar Ravichandran has also visited the hospital

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