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Bhim Jayanti 2022 WhatsApp status, messages, quotes

Apr 13, 2022

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti 2022: Here are some of the Bhim Jayanti wishes, images, quotes that one can forward to loved ones and videos for Whatsapp status download.

Dr BR Ambedkar is considered one of the greatest leaders of India. Apart from serving as a minister in the first government formed by India after the independence, his work in the formulation of the Constitution and his movement against the caste system, and efforts in the emancipation of Dalits are recognised across the world.

His birth anniversary on April 14 is marked as ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’. The day is marked as a holiday in numerous parts of the country, and various events are held to commemorate his contributions to society. Followers of his ideology also sent greetings to their loved ones to mark the occasion.

Here are some of the messages one can forward, as per the quotes of Dr Ambedkar, and the greetings by netizens on Twitter and Instagram:

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti’s wishes and quotes

“It is not enough to be electors only. It is necessary to be law-makers; otherwise those who can be law-makers ill be the masters of those who can only be electors.” – Dr. Ambedkar. Happy Ambedkar Jayanti!

“Do not believe in fate. Believe in your strength ” – Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar #AmbedkarJayanti

“The life we’re living, the greatness we are achieving… is all because of our Babasaheb! Happy Ambedkar Jayanti!

‘If you believe in living a respectable life, you believe in self-help which is the best help’. Happy Ambedkar Jayanti 2021 #JaiBhim #Ambedkarjayanti

‘Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence’ – Dr Ambedkar. Happy Ambedkar Jayanti ‘

“Baba Saheb Ambedkar, a great legend who demolished the brahminical system and struggled all his life for the emancipation of women and oppressed community. Wish you a very happy Ambedkar jayanti. #WorldEqualityDay.”

“Happy Ambedkar jayanti .. We must stand on our own feet and fight as best as we can for our rights. So carry on your agitation and organize your forces. Power and prestige will come to you through struggle.”

“Since the time of Babasaheb and thereafter, our grandmothers,our mothers and now our sisters, our daughters are playing an important role as torchbearer of Ambedkarism in our homes and our lives. Salute to all the women of Ambedkarite movement. #Ambedkarjayanti’ #JaiBhim””

“Let us honour the hard work and sacrifices of the man who gave India its constitution… Let us honour Babasaheb. Happy Ambedkar Jayanti!”

“Constitution is not a mere lawyer’s document. it is a vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of age” – Dr Ambedkar.

“I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity,” Dr Ambedkar.

“” ”” ”””””. ”’ ”” ”””””’. ”’ ”” ””’ ”””’. ”’ ”” ”””””’. ”’ ”’ ””” ””””””’. ”””’ ””””’ ”””’ ”””” || ” ”’ ||

“” ” ””.., ”” ” ”’ ” ””, ”” ”’ ” ”” ”””- ”””’ ””’ ”’ ” ””” ”””” ” ”” ” ”’ ”” ””” ”’ ” ” ””” ”””” ””’ ” ”””’ ”” ”’ ”””””..!! #””’ #AmbedkarJayanti #””'”

“Agar marne ke baad bhi jeena chaho to ek kaam zaroor karna, padhne layak kuch likh jaana ya likhne layak kuch kar jaana” Dr Ambedkar.

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