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Best Pick UP lines for Propose Day, Here are some line that will leave the best impression !

Feb 8, 2022

Love is in the air! As the month of February arrives, we are all most excited for Valentine’s Day – the day that celebrates love. Valentine’s Week commenced on Monday (February 7) with Rose Day.

On Rose Day, we send roses of different colours to different people to celebrate emotions like love, friendship, gratitude etc. Today (February 8) is the second day of Valentine’s Week and is celebrated as the Propose Day.

On this day, lovers open their hearts to their special someone and express their emotions. Proposals are memorable and hold a special place in every couple’s life.

That’s why many people make special efforts to make it an everlasting memory for themselves and their beloved. However, to make the task of confessing love a little less daunting, we have some wishes, quotes, messages and greetings that you can share.

Can I keep you and never let you go?

Words may not express my love for you but my actions have spoken to you. On Propose Day, I hope you accept me as a companion for the days to come.

Your love has filled my life with joy. Now, I hope to fill your life with happiness, love and more, forever.

I know you are my twin soulmate. Can we tie the knot soon?

I will be the happiest if get a chance to wake up next to you every day!

On this special day, I want to say: Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?

Here’s a promise of a lifetime: I’ll continue to love you through your best and worst days, through your highs and lows and through all the fun and gloom. Happy Propose Day.

Your love has made me better person appreciating the life God has given me. Happy Propose day, sweetheart!

I want to seal our friendship into a bond of forever. Happy Propose Day.

Through your love, a whole new world has opened before my eyes. And, I wish to step into this newness with your presence in my life. Happy Propose Day.

 A lifetime of love and kindness awaits us. I wish to walk this path with you. Happy Propose Day.

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