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Akshaya Tritiya Or Akha Teej a truth many of us still ignore

May 14, 2021

Every year according to Vikram Saavant calendar of Hindus. On the third day of spring month of Vaishaka Akshaya Tritiya is celebrate. Since every third day of the month is called as Teej or Tritiya . In the month of Vaishaka Akshaya tritiya is celebrate. When we look into Georgian Calendar it falls on April or May. This month is auspicious from the start to the end.

Many websites, news channels are reporting that it’s myth. Or they are calling the whole Hindu history as mythology. But the same are ready to believe other stupidity things. Our only question is if Eid is celebrated with proud and and they should. But why do they term Hindu festivals as Myth? Let it be Christians, Muslim’s, Hindus or any other religion all have their faith in their religion. But Why the hell they term Hindus history and significance as Myth? If you are a Hindu, Christian or an Muslim you should also question these type of Monsters why do they play with any religion.

The history behind Akshaya Tritiya

According to Hindu history Akshaya Tritiya marks the beginning of Terta Yuga. On this divine day the Yuga of Lord Ram started. Not Only Akshaya Tritiya but this day marks the birthday of Lord Parashuram. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu ( the preserver of the Universe) Prabhu Ram took birth in this Yuga which was started from Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej.

It was on this day that river Ganga was brought to earth by the great King Bhagiratha so that his ancestors to attain the Moksha. Another event that is linked to his day is Ved Vyasa narrated Mahabharata to Lord Ganesh.

More two events might be linked with his day are on this divine day. Lord Shree Krishna had presented the Never ending bowl . This bowl was given by Lord Shree Krishna to Draupadi. The bowl was called Akshaya Patra which would be forever filled with food of the choice of Pandavas. Lord Shree Krishna gifted this bowl to Draupadi when Pandavas were on Vanvas for 14 years.

On this divine day Devotee and friend of Shree Krishna Sudama had visited Dwarka and had received unlimited wealth. As the day is said to be wished with unlimited happiness and health. So is the history of this divine day. We hope that you would share this article proudly everywhere on social media.

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Puja Muharat or Timings

Though the festival is auspicious from start to finish, especially to purchase gold, the Puja Muhurat starts at 05:38 am and ends at 12:18 pm while the Tritiya Tithi begins at 5:38 am on May 14 and ends at 7:59 am the next day i.e. on May 15.

This year Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on May 14.

And this Akshaya Tritiya let’s pray to our forefathers and ancestors that they would bless us with unlimited health. Which is the need of this hour.

People celebrate this day by praying to their ancestors and forefathers. Wishing that they will receive spiritual enlightenment and happiness.With many of them giving Dana or in English Charity. This divine day is considered to be a good start for all new ventures. People begin on this divine day their marriage life, buy gold and start a new thing in their life. This reason that many buy gold on this divine day and crowds are seen all over India in jewelry shops and showrooms.

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