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After watching The Kashmir Files Abhijit shinde dies from Brain Stroke

Mar 29, 2022

A young man died by suffering a brain stroke after watching ‘The Kashmir Files’. This shocking incident took place on Sunday (27th) at Chinchwad

The deceased has been identified as Abhijit Shashikant Shinde (38).

According to the reports On March 21, around 9 pm, Abhijit went with his friends to see the movie. After watching the movie, there was an hour-long discussion between the friends. He then went straight to bed without speaking to anyone. Later in the morning, Abhijit suffered a brain stroke, the reports stated.

Abhijit fainted due to a ruptured blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. In the morning, Abhijit’s father went to the room and inspected it. He immediately rushed Abhijit to a private hospital with the help of neighbors. Meanwhile, Abhijeet died on Sunday night while undergoing treatment at the intensive care unit. Abhijit was very sensitive as a result he was having high blood pressure.

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