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After lungs, Brain is where the COVID-19 infection spreads

May 30, 2021
A model of Spike protein (red) of Corona virus binding to ACE-2 receptor. Image source Science Photo Library.

The major discussion of infection spread by Corona is focused on Lungs. But we must focus on other parts to.

Does Corona attacks Brain along with Lungs ?

The answer is yes. It not only infects lungs but other part of body too.

COVID-19 majorly infecting the Lungs it also attacks Kidney, Liver, Brain, Heart Testis and other parts of the body. It spreads in each and every organ with its high rate of efficiency.

According to the health specialist Corona infection along with lungs can spread to brain. Lungs stand at the first where as it’s second target will be brain. Since it can infect brain it’s a matter of high discussion.

Entering through the nasopharynx it leads infection in throat and then the Chinese Virus reaches to lungs. After the sufficient damage is done to your lungs. The Chinese virus next target will be your brain?

Some cells have Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE 2) receptor. The function of this ACE-2 receptor is to decrease Blood Pressure. This Angiotensin converting enzyme is present in many parts of the body. Where there are these cells the spread if the infection is also high.

The patients who are infected by Chinese Virus severely have also reported the cases of Brain Strokes and Brain Hemorrhage. ( Brain Hemorrhage is an emergency condition in which a ruptured blood vessel causes bleeding inside the brain).

In an interview to a news paper Doctor Arun L Nayak one of the active Doctor in Apollo Hospitals informed that, ” This Covid Virus spreads from Blood , Nose and nerves to reach brain.

Why does it spreads to Brain?

The endothelial cells in brain artery has large quantity of ACE-2 receptor in cells. The endothelial cells having large number of ACE-2 receptor paves the path for the entry of Chinese virus. The virus infects the functioning of the receptor. The virus also infects ACE-2 which later leads to increase in the BP ( Blood pressure). The increase or decrease in the Blood pressure is a bad indication. Which may lead to Brain Strokes and Brain Hemorrhage. Which might also lead to a heart attack.

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